Crepe Paper Hallway Obstacle Course

When the kids are stuck indoors it can be very challenging since all they want to do is run around and play. I was looking online for something fun and different to do with the kids that would keep them entertained and help exert some of the energy they have.

So, after finding some fun ideas we decided to build this Indoor Kids Obstacle Course in our hallway with Mission Impossible Music playing in the background to add to the “experience.”

We wanted to surprise the kids with something fun that they wouldn’t expect us to do. So, we had the girls wait patiently in their rooms as we set up this awesome surprise with crepe paper and painter’s tape.


The set up:

We suggest using crepe paper because it will tear easily and if your child does fall it will not hurt them. We also suggest using blue painter’s tape so when you attach the crepe paper to the wall it does not harm your walls or the paint. 

We randomly put the strips of crepe paper throughout the hallway.

hallway oc 9


When the obstacle course was complete we told the girls to come out with the mission Impossible theme song playing. Please watch till the end, my youngest outsmarted us as you will see at the end of this video.  


The kids are loving this and I am sure your kids will, too.

hallway oc


They were so proud of themselves for completing the course. : )



The video below is pure happiness!

The clean up was as much fun as the obstacle course and the girls were happy to help us with the clean up.




We challenge you and we encourage you to challenge your friends to make one of these obstacle courses for their kids.

If you create one please tag us or #momeefriends

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