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 Lions, Tigers and Bears OH MY! There are so many incredible animals you can view with AR technology on your hand held device thanks to Google. We are having so much fun viewing Google’s 3D Animals and we think your family will enjoy it, as well. 

You can see the incredible list of animals we have viewed and listed below. You will love seeing them in your house if you Google search an animal name (on iPhone or android) and then press ‘View in 3D’.

I took a screenshot of what you would see when you type Tiger in your Google browser on your phone. (see below)

3d Screenshot_20200403-221011_Chrome

It opens your camera and soon will show you the animal moving in your room or outdoors on your lawn.


You are able to take still pictures by clicking the camera button.

I did the Tiger indoors and outdoors. It is one of our favorites.


I highly recommend not telling your kids what you animal you have typed in and make a game out of it. Tell them the way they should pose or what face expression they should have.

Here are some fun examples:

1. I told my youngest to look scared as she sat on the floor. Then I had the alligator positioned behind her. I waited for the alligator’s mouth to open and then took the picture. When she saw the picture she had to look bak on the floor to see if it was really there. LOL

3d crocodile


2. I told my other daughter to sit on the floor and pretend she was giving her sister a hug. Then, I put the Dog next to her as if she was hugging him. She loved seeing the picture of her with a sweet doggy,.

3d dog


3. With the Lion, I had my daughter look towards him and then I told her to look toward me and growl like a Lion. She was so excited to see these pictures. 


4.  Another fun one was the Macaw. I got a sweet photo of my daughter next to one.

3d macaw


5. During Snack Time have a Giant Panda sit and eat with the kiddos. This was so so cute!

3d panda


There is a nice amount of animals to look for in the Google 3D ( I do not know if there is an official list) but, here are some we have found and definitely work.


Type into your google search these animal names:




3d cheetah



Shetland pony

3d racoon




3d shark



Emperor penguin

3d duck




3d octopus

Angler fish



3d fish

Brown bear



3d bear




3d snake

As I find out more animals I will add it to the list we have. I will of course add some pictures of the girls with the animals, as well. They are loving how fun it is to take pictures with such incredible animals. I love that Google has added this feature, it is truly incredible.


We found a great article that tells you more about other AR objects you can view such as planets, objects and more .


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