7 Extremely Vital Tips from Moms to Future Moms

Being a new mom, you will face challenges like you have never experienced before. The great thing is, before becoming a parent, you most definitely have met at least one and talked about parenting. This is a wonderful time for women to unite and pass on their own learnings from their experience to women who will go through the same ordeal in the future.

Trust your instincts

When you become a mom, your maternal instinct will kick in. This is usually evident when a mother senses that something is wrong or when they feel that their baby is not okay. Most mothers will advise new moms to trust their instincts because they can sense something that their brain can’t process immediately.


Doing less is more

You must be like every other mom in this internet age who searches a lot of hacks and information on what to do.  According to experts, doing less is more. Do not clutter your mind with unnecessary things because the most basic thing your baby would ever need is you. 

Self-care is important

You should be able to prepare on how to take care of yourself after giving birth. The best way to adjust to motherhood is to create a post-pregnancy self-care kit. You have to make sure you have your hot pads for soreness, pillows to ease bodily pains and post maternity panties that are designed to make you comfortable, and even healthy snacks that will lift your spirits. During this time period, you will bond with your newborn that will create a new routine that you’ll learn to adapt.

There are no perfect moms, only happy ones

There is no secret formula to being a perfect mom. What your baby needs is for you to be happy. A baby needs love from a mother who has a lot of it in her.


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There would be times when it gets tough and that’s okay

There are a lot of moms who like to manage everything and have everything under control. But there would be times when it is extremely exhausting and your emotions are all over the place. Times like these are okay and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Vent it out then start again.


Trust your own timeline

Each mom is unique and so is her experience. Never compare yourself to others during this beautiful time and do not hurry in anything. Follow your own pace and do not force things to happen.

Take a breather and sleep

It is okay to sometimes take a pause and take a little breather to regain yourself. Sleep if you must and rest when your baby is resting too. The chores can wait later. Rest when you can so you have the energy to fulfill your role as a mother.


There are a lot of things to learn when you become a new parent. The best preparation you can do is to take care of yourself and your baby first because everything else is secondary. You can always ask the help of mommas around you if you need guidance because that’s what they do, to care and nurture the ones they love. 



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