Easy Ways To Prepare the Perfect Picnic for the Family

Clear blue skies, the sun is shining and flowers are blooming, the perfect time for a picnic! I’m sure you’ve anticipated summer to create lasting memories with your family or your friends. Feeling the warm breeze on your skin, relaxing in your summer chair while having your favorite homemade smoothie, playing your favorite cool music playlist while watching your children play around the area, this could be the best relaxing moment you could imagine. Family picnics certainly strengthen the relationship between family members and create wonderful lifetime memories. Family bondings have several benefits in your mental health as well as with the child’s development. However, for working parents, planning a picnic can be stressful and just an add on to their to-do list.

Planning this type of family bonding is not as daunting as you think. This article will help you go through with those easy ways on how to organize a perfect family picnic.


Pick a Date

Check out the schedules of your family members. You can start with those working adults in your home and ask for their rest days and ongoing plans. Next would be the school activities if your children are having a summer class. If you don’t have any plan to make it a surprise, it would be much easier to organize as you can delegate other tasks. Definitely all members will participate as everyone is excited for this moment!


Choose the Venue

This can be overwhelming sometimes as you have a lot of options to choose from. Brainstorm first, are you planning a picnic in a park, beach or just in your garden? To help you decide on this, consider if all members can spend one whole day or up to late at night. Calculate the travel time back and forth from your home and the transportation needed. If you have your own car or a van, then check out how much you will need to spend on your gas. If you decide to go on a privately owned property, make sure to inquire about its availability and read some reviews. However, if you have a tight budget and a very constrained schedule, then consider having an afternoon picnic in your own garden or backyard. You’ve got a pool and a nice area to set up your picnic table, then it’s perfect! If you don’t have, consider setting up a kiddie pool for your children. Remember, quality time with your family is not just about choosing a fancy venue. 


Plan the Menu

Let’s move to the next exciting part! Food greatly impacts our experiences, even during our travel. If your family outing includes a long drive, make sure you pack a lot of snacks for everyone. This way you’ll avoid unnecessary stopovers and you can keep up with your planned schedule. If you’ll have an afternoon backyard, wooded park or even beach, picnics, grilled foods are the best. You can select food that doesn’t require much preparation like sausages, marinated chicken kebabs, hot dogs a lot more. You can also prepare marinated meat and fish. If you no longer have barbeque grills in your backyard, there is a web site that offers the major brands, from entry-level grills up to the high end. Alternatively, if you opt for cleaning and repairs only, the services are also available to help you out with your perfect backyard grilled picnic.


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If you get overwhelmed with so many food choices in your mind, ask ideas from your family members what they want. Prepare a list that includes drinks, snacks, appetizers, desserts, and the main course. You can also visit the supermarket quick-stop picnic if you want to avoid any hassle with the preparation. Ready to eat food works best for those people who don’t have the luxury of time.


Make a Checklist

Prepare your checklist as this is the easiest way not to forget small but necessary things on your picnic. Start with the blanket, baskets, cooler and utensils you need. Prepare these things ahead of time. If you have a small child, better to pack extra clothes, diapers, towels, and milk. As mentioned above, it would be best if you can delegate other tasks. You can ask someone to prepare the utensils, get a picnic blanket, etc.

After going through all the points above, I guess you’re ready for your family picnic. This moment could be perfect the way you want it as long as you’ll avoid distractions. If you’re a busy person at work, do not bring workloads on this day, don’t try to attempt to open your work email. You got 5 days a week to work and now is family time. Note that healthy family relationships can be your comfort and guidance in times of stress and definitely contribute to your happiness!


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