Does your child have a sensitivity to loud sounds? BuddyPhones are “a premium protective earmuff with passive noise-cancellation that protects kids from harmful loud noises.”

Having noise reduction earmuffs can help your child feel comfortable in a louder environment. For my daughter, it can be uncomfortable to see a show at our local theatre or movie theatre because of how loud the sound system is. I am so happy that I have BuddyPhones that easily fit into my bag when we need them.

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They are adjustable so you are able to easily, get the perfect fit.

My 6 year-old daughter says, “they are super comfortable and she loves wearing them.” My daughter loves the color pink so when I saw the Guardian Pink color I knew she would love these. This style also comes in a grey color.


“With a SNR 25 rating, the Guardian reduces harmful noises by an impressive 26 decibels!” And this makes my daughter smile from ear to ear.





We highly recommend BuddyPhones for your children. I have to add these are very durable. My daughter has dropped them a few times already and they are perfectly fine. 


BuddyPhones offers other wonderful products for kids and young adults like: Gaming Headphones, Wireless Headphones and more.

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