How The Coronavirus Pandemic Revealed Why We Need To Embrace Survivalism

With the global pandemic emerging when we least expected it, it is an understatement to say that most of us were caught by a surprise, physically, financially, and emotionally. With the Coronavirus suddenly plaguing the entire world, it is only now that we realize the importance of being healthy to be resilient to the virus. It is only now that we recognize the need to save up because we never know when we can be abruptly out of work or out of business. Also, it is only now that we come to understand what really matters to us.

And one thing that matters is being prepared for any unforeseen situation. It took a Coronavirus pandemic to open our eyes in embracing survivalism because true enough, we can never tell when disaster may strike. For this reason, let us look into the two ways that this global pandemic revealed why we need to be preppers.


  • The Urgent Need for Survival Kits

Through the global pandemic, our eyes were opened to see that we need to embrace survivalism for our health. However, it is not sufficient to be fit and healthy because you can still become vulnerable to the virus, particularly if you have to go out of your house for your basic needs. The only way to mitigate the contagion is by staying home and this is effortless for preppers who have stocked up on their essentials.

Staying home is also not a problem for those who have an emergency kit that is complete with all that they need. If you don’t have an emergency kit just yet, perhaps now is the best time for you to prepare one. Make sure that you include vitamins and nutritious food bars in your kit or even a water filter system so that even if you are quarantined or stuck at home, you are sure that you have everything you need to sustain your physical body.


  • The Sudden Demand for Insurance Plans

Are you insured? Everybody now realizes the importance of a medical insurance plan, particularly because there is no guarantee that you will be spared from the medical expenses that you can incur once you are hospitalized because of the virus. You are fortunate if you make it alive, but it can be devastating to drown in debt after. If you have a medical insurance plan, then you can put all your focus on getting better, instead of dreading the medical bills. Thus, as part of survivalism, make sure that your finances are in proper order.



To wrap things up, the Coronavirus Pandemic opened our eyes to the possibility that we need to exert the extra effort to prepare for any disaster physically, financially, and even emotionally. Take time to exercise in an aim to be fit and healthy, but also prepare a survival kit. Apart from this, make sure that you save up for the rainy days as they say and get an insurance plan. It is never too late to embrace survivalism because, in the end, you can only rely on yourself to come out of any situation alive.


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