Enjoy Bird Migration Day With Your Kids

Today is Bird Migration Day and we encourage you to take some time to either look out your window or sit in your backyard and look at the birds that are flying into your yard.World Migratory Bird Day celebrates “Birds Connect Our World,” the technologies we use to track birds, and how the information can inform conservation.”

Living on Long Island we have the opportunity to see a wide variety of birds in our yards. The most common birds you will see are:


Northern Mockingbird

bird mockingbird

Blue Jay

bird bluejay


Northern Cardinal

bird cardinal


Song Sparrow

bird song sparrow


Northern Flicker

bird flicker


American Robin

bird robin


American Crow

bird crow


Baltimore Oriole

bird oriole


Red-tailed Hawk

bird hawk



Eastern Bluebird

bird eastern blue bird



Get the kids out and exploring…


The Carson AdventurePak™ and BugView™ are the perfect gifts for kids to get a better view of animals, bugs, trees, flowers and so much more. We love to hike and explore our local nature centers and we never forget these great tools from Carson. They are high quality products/ tools that we highly recommend.



The AdventurePak “includes a compact 30mm compact binocular, flashlight, lensatic compass with true hand-bearing triangulation capabilities, and a combination signal whistle/thermometer.”


Your kids will love exploring your backyard or local nature center or hiking trails with binoculars and a compass in hand (for added extra fun).


I love the idea of a Bird Journal. Where kids can write down when they have seen a bird and what type of bird they saw. My girls love to draw the birds, as well.


Check out this Pinterest Pin that I found that allows you to print out the pages for your child.


Watch this informative video on Bird Migration and Conservation:


We hope you and your child(ren) have fun bird watching, it is one of our favorite activities to do in our own backyard.

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