Romantic Gestures You Can Do For Your Special Someone

When you love someone, it is but normal for you to have the intense desire to show how much you care for them. As much as possible, you would want them to feel special in whatever way you can. Remember that while you may be going the extra mile to show them how much you care for them, it will always help to tell them directly that they are special and they matter much to you. But to help you accomplish this love mission, here are some romantic gestures that you can do for your special someone.

  • Give Something Special

One of the most common romantic gestures is giving something special to the one your fancy. Buy them flowers or give them chocolates and this never fails to brighten up one’s day. Send it to their workplace or have it delivered at home. You can also try giving something unique such as bacon roses along with some dark chocolate. Gift experts from The Manly Man Company believe that celebrating small wins by giving gifts to your special someone is a romantic gesture that you should never pass up. It doesn’t have to end there though, because you can extend the gift giving to their friends and family too and you would surely gain the approval of those close to your special someone.


  • Treat Him/Her as Royalty

Make your special someone feel king or queen by doing extraordinary things for them. Get up early and prepare breakfast for your special someone, even if you are really not a good cook. Serve it to them while they are still in bed, and your effort will be all worth it. You can also offer a massage to relieve them from stress after a hard day’s work, or offer to do their nails. You may never know how much these romantic gestures melt their heart.


  • Spend Time Together

Think of the things that your special someone love to do. Do they love being outdoors? Then, plan for a weekend hike or trip to the beach? Do they love staying indoors? Then, plan for a romantic dinner under the stars in your backyard. All these are ways for you to spend some quality time together. If you are always busy with work or caught up in meetings, why not randomly ask him or her for a quick lunch? Just so they know that even on a crazily busy day, you are thinking of them and you want to be at their side, even for a few minutes.


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To wrap things up, telling someone you love them is one thing but showing them that you love them will definitely make a difference. Regardless of their love language, flowers and desserts never fail to put a smile on someone’s face. A breakfast in bed or a massage is also a good idea. Spending quality time with them doing the things they love will also be highly appreciated. Always remember to wrap everything up with a hug, and whisper to their ears how much you love them.

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