6 Simple (But Impactful) Ways To Reduce Plastic Waste

Everywhere in the world, the use of plastic waste has been a disturbing environmental issue. We have heard about oceans having full of plastics and causes the death of the animals under. Not everyone has been very conscious of all these wastes that are not easy to degrade post risks to the eco-system. Not until environmentalists, urged everyone to do their part in reducing plastic wastes. This has shown how many people tried their efforts to live a plastic-free life. 

Is this possible? Yes, indeed. There are many alternatives to plastics. So the reduction of using them is better than recycling them. Here are some lifestyle changes towards a plastic-free living. 



  • Stop Buying Plastic Water Bottles

Instead of getting bottled water from that convenience store, think twice. Where will that bottle go after it has been emptied? How much does it cost you to do this? Why not invest in a durable water bottle of glass or steel, maybe. This can be yours for years to come. This can reduce the plastic bottle that you generate and you can also realize that it has made you save on money.



  • Try Using Solid Toiletries

Who would have thought? Shampoos and conditioners became popular as alternatives to bottled toiletries. Then solid deodorant bars, toothpaste tablets, face wash, and feminine wash are now available and most of these products are in plastic-free packaging. Another option for this, some eco-friendly stores introduced refilling stations for liquid toiletries. This is also a way to reduce the use of plastic containers.



  • Use Reusable Bags 

When going to grocery shops or markets, always bring a reusable bag. This will reduce your plastic bag usage and totally eliminate it as soon as you are used to the idea of bringing your eco bag. 



  • Skip the Straw

If you can drink straight from a glass or a cup without using a plastic straw, then ditch using disposable straws. But if your drink requires the need for one, try having your reusable straw. A lot of these straws are available in shops, or even online shops sell them. You can choose from glass, stainless steel, paper, or bamboo. 



  • Invest in Reusable Cutlery and Containers

If you love eating out or bringing your very own cooked meal to school, work, or outdoors, pack them in reusable containers, and use reusable cutlery. You can use stainless steel or glass containers, while some also prefer the use of bamboo cutlery. You can read about bamboo facts here, it has a lot of solutions for eco-friendly products that can replace those plastics. With this solution, you’re not only promoting zero waste movement, but you also have cute utensils you can bring anywhere with you.





  • Use a Bamboo Toothbrush

Where do plastic wastes come from? Usually, we do not notice, but our daily routine like hygiene care involves a lot of plastic. So this can be reduced if we switch to plastic-free items without compromising the real purpose of these things. 

These are just a few things that can be done to reduce plastic waste. These things are considered to have a big impact because the activities that you do involve the things are almost used every day, and consumption is fast, so does waste generation. This reduction will not happen overnight, but tiny steps can make a big difference. 


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