Sponges turned into “Water Bombs”

Cool off this summer with this fun DIY activity!

I went to my local Dollar Tree and bought sponges after seeing a Pinterest Pin Idea that looked easy enough to do. “Water Bomb” sponges sounded fun and I had to give this a try. It was a HUGE success and this is how easy it is to do.

First, I cut the sponges into 4 pieces.

Then, I took 6 of the cut sponge pieces and rubber banded them together.


When I handed them to the girls they said they look like “sponge snowflakes”.  They threw them into the pool and used them as water bombs to throw at one another. They work great because the sponges soak up a lot of water which makes them even more fun to play with on a hot summer day.


I recommend these for a fun relay race, too.
Have two buckets set up and have kids empty the water bomb into the bucket. Whoever fills the bucket up first wins.

Inexpensive and fun!

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