Tools Every Plant Lover Needs to Maintain a Beautiful Garden

When it comes to looking after your garden there are a million and one things you need to be thinking of. Some people are obsessed with their back yard and will happily spend hours on end tending to each section, watering the plants, trimming the bushes, tending to the trees, mowing the lawn, picking the veg, the list is endless. Others won’t give the outdoors a second thought. Because there is so much to think about when gardening, those new to the subject might feel a tad overwhelmed with what they have to purchase to correctly look after their turf. Here we take a look at a few tools every plant lover needs to maintain their garden.


The Garden Trowel 

Let’s start this off with the humble garden trowel. A gardener’s best friend in many senses. These things are some of the most used tools in the gardening world as they’re so versatile. Whether you’re planting in pots, out in the garden beds, tending to your crops in the greenhouse, or just spreading some soil around. This guy can help. There are, of course, other tools that will be more specific for certain jobs but when in doubt, the trowel can help out. 

Get one that’s comfortable in the hand, there’s no point in buying one that’s uncomfortable or too heavy to use for long periods. Another thing to be mindful of is how well fitted the blade of the trowel is, anything not up to standard will come loose after a while, which is a gardener’s nightmare.

The Greenhouse

Some plants need certain conditions to grow, and depending on where you are on the planet will have some difference in how certain plants and crops grow. A greenhouse is a brilliant bit of kit that will allow you to grow things that need a warmer climate. The green-fingered professionals of suggest you fear not if you are living in an urban area as there are plenty of options for you in this day and age. You don’t need an enormous garden to house one of these structures anymore as they come in all shapes and sizes. Even if you have a small patio garden, there’s an option for you. Giant garden? Why not invest in something a bit more adventurous and go big or go home. 


The Garden Knife

When you’re out pottering around your garden, you will often see little jobs that need carrying out like trimming fruit and vegetable plants, maybe even some flowers that are getting a little out of hand. These kinds of jobs are too delicate for anything large scale. Getting into the habit of carrying around a small garden knife in your pocket is something every seedsman should do. It’s easy to grab, flick open, and fix the problem. They’re also rather handy when tying up any tall plants to support sticks. 


The Wheelbarrow 

When initially starting your garden project, the wheelbarrow will be an essential bit of kit for you to complete any and all kinds of activity. Doing some landscaping yourself but can’t carry the excavated soil from one end to the other? The wheelbarrows got you. Cut back your hedge and can’t find a strong enough bag to transport to the bin? The wheelbarrows got you. Bought new plants and don’t want to make 15 trips to the flower bed? The wheelbarrows got you. 

They’re essential for any horticulturist that wants to maintain a healthy, vibrant and good looking garden.


The Digging Spade

As we said previously in the garden trowel segment of “tools for a gardener”, it’s not always going to be the best for the job at hand. Especially if you have to dig a hole big enough to replace a tree, or even change the landscape in your yard. Sometimes digging your flowerbed can be tiring so the best shovel for the job will be key. Every gardener needs a spade. Keep in the shed until it’s power is needed. 


The Lawn Mower 

For those lucky enough to own a lawn. If you don’t have a lawnmower that’s good at its job you’re crazy. Keeping your lawn looking fresh is a greenskeeper’s paradise and should be taken seriously by any budding amateur. Don’t cheap out on your mower. You’ll get a better cut with a little investment. 

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Gardening is a hobby enjoyed by millions around the world and each and every one of them will tell you different tools to have in your shed. These are the simple basics that everyone needs to grow themselves from a seed to an impressive flower. If you don’t have any of these then the suggestion would be to head to your local hardware store and get them. 


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