9 Art Activities That Will Keep Your Kids Busy For Hours

It is very important even for adults, not to mention kids to find new ways of exercising creativity, not only for fun but also because it is highly mentally stimulating. So, no matter if your kid is Picasso in the making or he just wants to glue macaroni on the paper – in this article we are going to present you some art activities that your kids are going to love! 

1. Fizzy painting

Kids tend to love science experiments in general, but the ones with baking soda and vinegar tend to fizz, making them way more fun in general. So basically, this is how you do the fizzy drip painting – the first step is to some baking soda into a bowl and then add water. The goal is to make a mixture that is going to make the initial “paint”. Then, give your kid a white paper, and let them paint on it with the mixture that you have made. The way that they go about it is not important, they should just be sure to cover the whole paper, and be quick – the mixture dries quickly. After it’s dry, we proceed to the next step. Grab a couple of bowls, put vinegar in them, and add different food colors to the vinegar. Now the fun begins! Let the kids grab a brush, and start painting! Whatever they paint, their brush stroke will be followed with a fizzy trail, making the painting all that more interesting.


2. Egg carton flowers

Pretty much everyone has an egg carton in their house. Let’s see how we can use them to make some art! The first thing that you are going to do is cut out the egg carton into sections, in a way that each section has 4 egg containers in it. Next, you are going to try and give it a rounder shape by trimming around the edges so that the shape resembles the petals of the flower. Now, it’s time for painting, so pour your paint and get colorful! It doesn’t matter how your kids go about painting it, it will surely look pretty in the end. Once the painting part is done, let the cartons dry. Next, it’s time to attach the stem of the flower, and for this, you can use different colored paper straws that you will glue to the back of the carton. In the end, choose a colored pom or button and proceed to glue it to the center of the flower, and voila, you have made a beautiful flower!

flower1 flower


3. Painting with nature

This is an excellent activity since it also includes getting outside and exploring for a bit. So, go outside and pick up some natural alternative paintbrushes! Pretty much anything will do – sticks, different flowers, grass, small branches, which is great since this is all about experimenting with different mediums. Grab your paint, and start creating, who knows how it’s going to turn out?


4. Paper weaving

This one is a great motor skills activity, as well as a beautiful design and art project for the kids that are a bit older. Whatever paper that you use, just make sure that they are colorful, and for some great designs, we recommend checking out these paper craft supplies. First, the adults should be the ones preparing the base paper by cutting slots through which the kids will weave other paper strips, which you will also cut while making sure that the width of the strips matches the slots. And now it’s time for the kids! Give them the base and the paper strips, explain to them the process, and let the creativity take over.


5. Geometry painting

First thing first, get yourself some geometrically shaped objects, balls, cubes, pyramids, whatever you have. Next, lay your paint out in the rainbow order or let your kid do it. This activity is for the younger kids, and the goal is to let the kids experience the connection between the 3D objects and the 2D shapes that they leave on the paper, making them understand the shapes and dimensions better.


6. Homemade slime

This list of activities can’t be made without a good old slime recipe! First of all, grab a bowl and make a mixture of water and glue, and then add baking soda and start stirring! This is the part where you can add just about anything – glitter, food coloring, confetti, etc. It’s almost done, for the last ingredient is one tablespoon of saline solution. Mix well for about one more minute, and you are done, so start playing with it!

slime fun


7. The “stained glass” painting

Well, no, it’s not an actual glass that your kiddos will be working on, but it sure is going to turn out looking like it! First, you’ll give your kids wax paper, and tell them to dab paint all over it, the thicker the dab, the better the result. Also, and this will show itself useful later on, it will be best if the dabs are closer together. Next, give them a glass jar, it’s time to blend the dots! Press the jar into the paint and twist! Be sure to occasionally swipe the lid to clean it, you don’t want the dots to become too muddy. Now, all that is left is to wait for it to dry. You won’t believe how beautiful these paintings turn out.


8. Monster blow painting

Blow painting is fun in general, but adding an actual image and then working around it adds a whole new aspect of fun! Okay, so for starters, using permanent markers, let your kid draw a few monster features, like big caricatured eyes, weird shaped head, or whatever makes them happy to draw. Be sure that the drawing is in the middle of the paper. Next, add a few drops of a watered-down paint (you can add food coloring to make the watered-down paint more vibrant) wherever you want the monster’s hair to be, and then – get your kid a straw and start blowing!



9. Crumpled paper art

In the last art activity, we’re going to show you how you can turn crumpled paper into art – and it’s very simple! First of all, you’ll give your kid one piece of your cut construction paper and instruct the kid to crumple it up into a ball. Next, by using watercolor, let your kid choose one color and paint on the outside, and let it dry. After it’s done, unfold the paper, crumple it up again, paint with a different color, and repeat this, however many times you want, until you are satisfied with the results.


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