Expert Tips for Supporting a Child With Autism

There will be a lot of emotion running around your head when your child first receives a tier diagnosis and that’s completely normal. Take a deep breath. Just because your child has received this diagnosis doesn’t mean they have changed in any way, they are still your child and they still have the same personality. The only difference is things will be a little different as they grow up. There are plenty of programs available that will help your child with their communication, learning, social skills, and anything else that they might struggle with. 

It’s a journey you’ll take together so here are a few tips for supporting a child with autism. 


Prepare For Intervention 

It’s known that the period between the ages of 0 and 3 is a critical one. This is why you should be prepared to look into different therapies for your child as soon as you can. There isn’t a cure but there are plenty of different therapies that will help and enable your child to live the best life they possibly can. 

The earlier the intervention the better but it’s never too late to see if your child is able to have certain therapies. These include speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and social and behavioral therapy.


Learn Non-Verbal Cues

Something every parent needs to do when they discover their child has autism is to learn about the world of non-verbal cues. Discover how to listen with your eyes instead of your ears. Speech development in autistic children can be delayed but that doesn’t mean they aren’t communicating. Similar to learning sign language if your child has problems with their hearing, it’s good to learn how they are going to communicate with you. The sooner you learn these non-verbal cues the better your relationship and your bonding will be. 


Find Help For Yourself

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As bringing up a child with autism isn’t straightforward you might find that you need some support yourself outside of the family. Looking at this website it’s obvious that there are plenty of different ways you can offer yourself support when caring for your child. There are also plenty of support groups out there with other parents in the same situation as yourself. Just talking with someone who is experiencing the same thing can be a weight lifted off your shoulders. Don’t struggle thinking you’re the only person, you’ll be able to receive tons of great advice from other parents that have either been through what you’re going through or are going through it with you.


Understand Their Senses Are Different 

The world of someone with autism is much different from those without. Their senses are often heightened and certain situations can be overwhelming for them. This could be a loud shopping mall or a supermarket with strong smells. Be wary of going to a place that could send them into sensory overload. 

In other areas, children with autism might require sensory needs. This is when they perform a task repetitively to keep themselves calm or have the need to constantly touch something familiar like a favorite toy. These behaviors serve an internal purpose for them and every child is different. But remember, these might be disruptive in certain situations. 

Occupational therapy helps them develop a sensory need that is controlled and appropriate for all situations. 


Try New Things Within Reason 

Just because your child is used to something doesn’t mean they won’t want to try something new. There are plenty of other therapies available and if they work for your child then that’s what’s best for them. Science and research can only do so much for the masses, your child still has an incredible personality that needs to have fun. So, talk with them and see if they want to go and try something new. 


Embrace Their Personality 

Everyone on the planet has their own personality and certain things they enjoy. This is no different within a person with autism. As parents, embracing them and enjoying the different sides of their personality will allow them to be confident in who they are. If they love trains then embrace it and take them to the railway. If they love comic book characters, buy them a new comic every week. Obsessions are normal and they’re nothing to worry about. Discuss their loves with them and learn something new. They will know more about the subject than you do. 

Bringing up a child with autism is an experience. An experience to be enjoyed and embraced if you tackle it in the right way. They might think differently but they are still as loving and as caring as you, they just might not know how to show it. 

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  1. I loved how you mentioned that you should embrace whatever personality an autistic child has. My wife and I are preparing to have our first son together and we were wondering how we could prepare for him to potentially be autistic. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should embrace our child no matter what.

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