Microscope Fun! written by Renee Winters

Local Long Island Author, Renee Winters has written this fantastic book that makes me want to purchase a microscope and start looking at objects even more closely with the girls. Not only did this book inspire the girls to want to use the microscope but, it has inspired me to do some at home science projects. I love STEM learning and this book will encourage the reader to love it, too.

As a mom of two young girls I love that Renee has spotlighted a young girl character in her book whose name is Angie. Angie loves to learn and is aspiring to be a scientist. This book series will introduce and inspire your little girl to discover the world around her through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) just like Angie who is super curious about the world around her.

Renee Winter says, “I believe in the importance of girl/women empowerment. The “Angie Wonders” book series is another way for me to build upon this philosophy. It’s really about inspiring our girls to greater heights.”


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“Explore and Be More…”

-Renee Winters


Renee Winters

  • I am married to my high school sweetheart. I have two children. My daughter will be a junior in HS and my son is a musician with his own business. 

  • I have been in education for over 26 years. I love children and their enthusiasm for life and learning. I was an English teacher and now I am a school administrator at an elementary school.  

  • In addition to my work in the educational field, I have always been a woman that believed in entrepreneurship. I started my own Afrocentric wedding business as well as a personal fitness company. In addition to personal fitness, I also became a holistic health coach and worked with women to balance themselves both mentally and physically through a plant-based/vegan lifestyle.

  •  I am currently working on the third book in the series and look forward to upcoming workshops and speaking engagements regarding women empowerment.

Getting to know Local Author and Mom, Renee Winters a little more with questions that my 6 year old and 9 year old daughter thought to ask. They love the book so much and look forward to more books in this great series. We thank, Renee for taking the time to answer these questions. 


1. What made you choose the microscope? Is it something you love to use in the classroom since you are a teacher?

Renee said, “In this book, I chose the microscope because I try to think of tools/experiences that create excitement and have a lasting effect on a student’s perspective.  When I was teaching, I taught MS English. However, as an educator, I always think it was important to expose students to a variety of experiences. As a mom, I felt the need to do this as well.  Each experience leaves an impression on a child. I wanted both of my children to have balanced experiences and feel any area is open to exploring. Thus, the tag line for Angie Wonders: “Explore and Be More.”

2. Did you always want to be a children’s book author? Did you like to write stories as a child?

Renee said, “I didn’t necessarily have the vision of becoming a children’s author when I was young, yet, I always wanted to write and share my story or experiences. When I put my thoughts and feelings on paper, I often put it in the form of poetry.  As a child, I loved to write, sing, and dance. I also always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I actually wrote a mini-play and charged people to come and see me perform. LOL.”

3. Are you writing another Angie Wonders book? Will this be a series?

Renee said, “Yes, Angie Wonders is a book series. “Microscope Fun!” is actually the second book in the series, the first book is entitled “What is the Sun?”

4. Who is Angie? Does she remind you of yourself growing up or is she a character based on one of your children?  

Renee said, “The character of Angie is based on my daughter Angelina.  She has always been a curious girl and asked a lot of questions. I felt it was important that she continued to feel that way and maintain her inquisitive mind. I wanted her to understand that girls can do anything. It’s about girls feeling empowered. Our girls must understand that its cool to like math, bugs, science, insects, technology, or even astronomy. All areas are open for their exploration. Even those non-traditional subject areas.”



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We highly recommend this wonderful book series and we are sure you will, too!

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