What You Should Know About Nursery Crib Mobiles

Babies can be overwhelming, especially in their toddler stage. Sometimes t can get stressful, especially when your baby is crying a lot, won’t eat, or won’t fall asleep. Thanks to the many parenting solutions and online parenting guides available today, however, you won’t find yourself on the verge of cursing motherhood. With the invention of the nursery mobile, all the sleepless nights, loud cries, and tantrums will come to an end.

This hanging structure supports baby toys and objects that entertain and calm the baby while lying at his nursery. Also, crib mobiles come in a wide range of options, meaning that you have to make some considerations before picking the perfect one for your baby. To make an informed choice, some things to consider include size, safety, mobility, and design, among others. Let’s now have a deeper look into this baby essential and some things you should know about nursery crib mobiles.


1. Why You Need a Nursery Mobile

In the first few months of the baby’s life, they will spend a lot of time gazing at the ceiling. This is because sleeping on the back is probably the safest position. However, it tends to cause the baby to cry sometimes out of boredom. A crib mobile ensures your baby gets an interesting glimpse every time they lookup.


2. Various Types Are Available

As earlier mentioned, nursery mobiles are available in many different types in varying sizes. However, the two main types available are the ceiling-mounted and crib-mounted mobiles. As pointed out in this article from Katherine Rosman, the main difference between these two options is how the baby mobile is installed. However, crib-mounted mobiles are easier to install even though both options come with an installation manual.

When shopping for a crib mobile, make sure you get one that suits the baby’s nursery. Though some rounded baby mobiles can suit a square crib, it is important to be sure of your baby’s crib measurements to avoid damage or inconveniences.


3. Mobility Is Crucial

As you can tell from the name, a good baby mobile is defined by its mobility. Something that moves will obviously  keep the baby engaged better. When it comes to mobility, there are two main options of nursery crib mobiles. These are:

  • Wind operated mobiles – They feature lighter toys that require very little strength to move them. They can be tapped lightly, or you can use a fan to ensure a continuous motion.

  • Mechanically operated mobiles – They use a small motor to keep the toys spinning. They only require batteries to operate, and with the touch of a button, your baby is in its best mood.

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In addition to these, today’s baby mobiles come with features such as lights and projects that create the illusion of extra movement.


4. The Attached Toys Matter

Crib mobiles also come in different colors, shapes, and toys, making you be spoilt for choice when you on your purchase phase. The best nursery mobile for your little one will depend on what cheers your baby most. Is it bright colors, cars, flowers, animals, or tools? With their preference in mind, you will buy what will suit your baby. You don’t want to buy something that will irritate or piss your baby off and lead to more cries in the house.


5. Be Keen On the Music Boxes

Music is food to the soul, and a toddler is no exception. Most of today’s nursery mobiles come with a music box to soothe the baby to sleep or cheer them up. On this note, there are two main types of music boxes in baby nursery/crib mobiles. These are:

  • Wind up boxes– These require you to turn a key, and the music plays a soothing melody for the baby to enjoy.

  • Battery operated boxes– This one is totally dependant on the strength of the battery. If the battery drains, there will be no melody.

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When shopping, it is important to consider the volume of the music. The music should also be soft, soothing, and melodic.


6. Extra Features in Baby Nursery Mobiles

As technology advances, new baby nursery mobiles emerge with more advanced features. All these are meant to soothe the baby and distract them from factors that may irritate them or make them cry. When shopping for your baby’s nursery mobile, some extra features to look out for may include the following:

  • Flashlights

  • Portability clips

  • Removable toys

  • Remote control operation

  • Bluetooth and wireless features


Finally, it is important to consider the safety of your kid when buying a baby mobile. The last thing you want is something that will fall on your baby as they sleep or relax on his crib. It should also be mounted at a height your baby will not reach easily, especially when they start developing and get curious. With the above in mind, keeping your baby calm at the nursery using a baby mobile just became easier.


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