Pop Tart “Gingerbread” Houses

Wow, this was such a successful holiday activity and the girls had so much fun making these. This was a really fun way to make a “gingerbread” house. Pop Tarts are used in the place of graham crackers or gingerbread house pieces to make your own. It is a tasty and durable alternative to creating a house. I love that the Pop Tart pieces are already decorated with frosting and sprinkles. We went with the Strawberry and Cherry Pop Tarts. But, with so many flavors to choose from whatever flavor Pop Tart your child chooses, I am sure it will look great.

Materials needed:

Pop Tarts – 6 pieces (you choose the flavor)


Holiday candies of your choice – we bought mini candy canes, Mike & Ike’s, Skittles and Dots

Butter Knife

Dish or Platter to create your house on


*We truly love this activity and recommend watching the full video on the Gluesticks Blog.

You will need to cut your pieces for the house.

We used frosting to put the houses together. I love how the two different flavor houses look before we even decorated them with the candies.

Then, the girls used mini candy canes, Mike & Ike’s, Skittles and Dots to decorate their Pop Tart houses. The Santa Claus in the foil wrapper we found at the Dollar store. It was such a cute addition to the house.

This is such a cute activity and the Pop Tarts worked great to make a house that will not only stay together and look great but, taste very yummy, too!

As you can see the girls added sugar cone Christmas Trees to their plates. We love making these and see the full directions to make those… HERE

We saw this on the @gluesticksblog and it is such a great idea. Check out their blog: https://gluesticksblog.com/

Highly recommend trying this with your kids.


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