When parents bring a new baby into their home and welcome visitors to see their new bundle of joy, there are numerous priceless gifts you can give the new parents. New parents need help whether it is their first , second or third child. I have learned over the years that this initial visit can be so helpful to the new parents. Offering to help is the biggest gift you can give. So, you ask when you go visit a friend or family member after they have a new baby what do you bring? Or offer to do?

I am thinking:
1. Bring a homemade meal or two so they don’t have to worry about making dinner for a couple of days.
2. Seem excited to help out and do some dishes for them.
3. Bring a gift for the older sibling (if there is one) and/or gift for the parents (a bottle of wine or champagne)?
4. Offer to watch the kids and let mom take a nap or let her go and get her nails done?

I remember visiting one of my best friends (who my daughter’s call their Aunt because she was the sister I chose) when her and her husband had their first baby. There was so mcuh I wanted to give her besides hand me downs. At that point, I had a 1 year old and a 4 year old. Visiting her with the kids probably was not the most relaxing day since I had a crawler / first time walker and a toddler. I remember washing some dishes for her and bringing dinner for them to enjoy after we visited them. Even though it was not the most relaxing visit, we are family so I know they enoyed having us over and seeing us all at the same time. It was a memorable day for us, too. Time flies by.

I asked fellow parents What would you bring to a Mom who just had a baby? on my Facebook page and this is what their thoughts were:

*Kelly says, ” Wine, gift for sibling, help out while visiting, offer to babysit when parents are ready for a night out.”

*Lauren says, ” Food and/or diapers and wipes seem to always be welcomed. A small “big” sibling gift is a nice addition. If you visit, always offer to help – laundry, dishes, whatever.”

*Cathy says, ” Have their house cleaned! A friend did this for me after my surgery and it was the best gift ever! “

*Brittany says, ” I have watched numerous friends babies so they could shower and sleep though. A hot meal and a few minutes for themselves could make them feel like a completely new refreshed person as well.”

*Amanda says, ” 1)Definitely offer to clean  2)bring alcohol or coffee  3)Bring food, a gift certificate for GrubHub/Uber Eats

Amanda S.  says, ” I brought my friend a big tray of eggplant Parm that I made and froze so they just had to pop it in the oven to eat! And after I had my second we got frozen meals for the crock pot from our family, they were in ziploc bags so all we had to do was dump them in the crock pot and heat them up! Such a lifesaver! So definitely #1 😊”

Natalia said, “I usually bring a gift for the older sibling and a box of diapers and wipes.”

Felicia says, ” Definitely meals and snacks…maybe something frozen to cook later. Post partum doula. Let mom shower!”

Jessica said, ” Take the big kid(s) out and/or CLEAN!!!”

Overall, I have noticed that the same things are mentioned over and over and that is a helping hand. Priceless help is allowing Mom to take some time for herself whether it is some time for her to nap or shower as you watch the baby. Also, maybe offering to watch the baby and the older children if there are older siblings so Mom and Dad can get out of the house for a bit. Meals that the family can eat so the parents do not have to cook is also, very helpful. Whatever you decide to bring or do for parents that just had a baby will be very much appreciated. May, I also add offering to do these things like babysit in the future (not just for a newborn baby) for the parents is something parents will always appreciate. We all need time to unwind and relax.

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