Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Giving out a Valentine’s Day card is always a fun thing for kids and adults to do. It is a time of year that encourages us to write a card for someone we love and let them know how we feel. We have some fun ideas for you to do and give out for Valentine’s Day. If you head to your local dollar store you will see a bunch of cute Valentine’s Day gifts in packages of 4, 6, 8, 12, 18 even sometimes 24. These are a great money saver and the gift ideas are so cute and the kids will love receiving them. You can add these cute toys and gift ideas to card stock and write a fun saying on them for your child’s classmates.

Some ideas are:


Kids love dinosaurs and it is a great gender neutral toy. Using small dinosaurs, card stock, a sharpie and tape you can make your own cards to give to your dino-myte friend.


I’ve got my eyes on you Valentine!

I love these sunglasses that the dollar store has in packs of 4. Attach the glasses to the card stock and write a message with a sharpie and tape the glasses to this hand-written card to gift to your friend. They are so fun to wear and take pictures with, too. I loved wearing them with my two Momee Friends, Elizabeth and Elisa.

elizabeth elisa vday

You put a stamp on my heart, Valentine!

These Valentine’s Day stamps are so cute and a great gift idea in the classroom. Again, attach the stamp with tape to the cardstock and write your Valentine’s Day message.

stamp card

Lollipop Card

I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea. Just by having your child pose with their hand out as if they are holding a balloon you can create this adorable card.

See the Pinterest Pin and how do make this: HERE

lollipop card

A card for everyday leading up to Valentine’s Day…

Make Valentine’s Day really fun for your kids by Counting Down to Valentine’s Day.

Here is a fun and inexpensive way to countdown to Valentine’s Day in your home. We tell my girls everyday how much we love them. But, when I saw this idea of putting hearts on your child’s door each day I knew I had to make this a tradition. 

I love this because it is not just an idea for little ones but, teens will love this and a spouse will love this surprise , as well. This is not something that just tells someone how much you love them but, it is also a confidence boost and I love anything that helps boost someone’s self-esteem. 

Read more: HERE

We hope you find the time to make a Valentine for someone you love! A handmade gift means so much to the one who receives it.


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