Elegant Gown Options For Your Mom On Your Wedding Day

There are lots to do to get ready for your big day. Everything will be a focal point – the wedding venue, the service, the reception and after party, the speeches, your first dance, and, of course, what everyone will be wearing. Seeing the bride’s gown is naturally one of the highlights of any wedding, along with everyone else’s attire, including the bridesmaids as well as the groom and his best man. Although there tends to be a color scheme, the bride’s gown is often what all the other outfits in the wedding party will complement. The mother of the bride’s outfit is no different. With this in mind, we shall look at elegant attire for your mom on your wedding day.


It is a tradition for the bride’s mother to wear an outfit that compliments the bridesmaids’ color scheme’s outfits. This means they do not necessarily have to match, and some think they should not, as the mother of the bride should be distinguishable from the bridesmaids. It would therefore make sense for the mother of the bride’s outfit to be chosen after the bridesmaids dresses for this very reason. If a photo of the latter can be taken or a fabric sample provided, the mother of the bride can easily find a gown that would not only complement the color scheme, perhaps by choosing a darker or lighter shade than what they are wearing, but will also avoid clashing. 

As there is usually the mother of the groom to consider, as well, it would be a good idea to discuss what colors they are wearing so that you can wear colors that complement one another. As the gown designers at Jovani Mother of Bride Dresses advise, you do not want either mother of honor to clash or be too similar. Traditionally, the mother of the bride selects their gown first  and then the mother of the groom selects hers, which should complement your mom’s. However, it may be more considerate for you to organize a day out with them to select their gowns. This will avoid any unexpected clashes and having a wide range of outfits to try in an array of colors will guarantee that both mothers of honor select complementary shades in their respective designs. If the whole wedding party is wearing colors and shades that complement one another, you all look like one cohesive unit; a happy family, which is what you should all be for your big day.


There are many things to consider in this regard, such as the overall theme of the wedding and the style of clothes the wedding party is wearing, particularly the bridesmaids, bride and groom. As stated in the previous section, the attire of the mother of the bride should not match the bridesmaids because, as a mother of honor, her position in the wedding party is different to theirs. Her outfit should quite rightly reflect this. 

Although there is no color out of bounds for a wedding, any color chosen should be in consultation with the bride. The last thing she will want is any unforeseen disasters, which could have been prevented if there was some discussion. For instance, if the wedding party is wearing ivory and light shades of pink, the last thing you would want is your mom wearing navy because she would stand out like a sore thumb. Also, no one should wear the color the bride is wearing. If she is wearing white or cream, then no one else should be wearing the same color.

Furthermore, depending on the theme or where the wedding is to be held, they are often seen as elegant affairs, with attention naturally being on the bride. As her mom, you should be mindful of this and not select a gown that shows off too much skin, such as a dress that is too short or plunges too much down the front. In the same vein, patterns that are too trendy or busy, like any animal print are a huge faux pas. However, classic floral patterns are appropriate. 


We all know what it’s like to wear uncomfortable shoes – it can ruin your day. The same applies to uncomfortable clothing. If you’re wearing something too short, you find yourself constantly pulling your clothing down or up, depending what’s on show. If it’s too tight, then you find yourself not wanting to move around or needing to unfasten what you’re wearing. Either way, being uncomfortable takes away the enjoyment of an event.

The wedding will last the whole day – from getting ready, to the wedding service and the reception, thereafter. Therefore, it makes sense that your mom is wearing something that is coordinated with your wedding party, but is also comfortable for her to be herself. She will need to be confident when she is meeting and greeting guests as mother of honor. You do not want her appearing in ill-fitting clothes and neither will she, especially as there will be plenty of pictures she will appear in.

When trying on outfits, think about what your mom usually wears and how it could appear if it was elevated into a wedding outfit. For example, if your mom only wears trousers, then palazzo pants with a smart jacket and matching top may be suitable for her or, perhaps, a long gown. If your mom is prone to sweating, then breathable material will be better than material that will trap moisture and show it. If your mom is comfortable, she will be able to focus on your big day, which you’ll be grateful for.

Your wedding day will be a memorable occasion. You’re only going to do it once, so it might as well be the best you can make it. You want everyone to be happy and celebrate in the new stage of your life as a newly-wed. This means plenty of attention to detail to ensure that everyone involved is comfortable in what’s expected of them, none more so than your mom. She has been waiting for this day almost as long as you have and as a mother of honor she should be dressed appropriately and in a style comfortable to her when she officially welcomes your partner into her family.

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