Land of Dough

Wow, this has to be the most incredible play dough ever! Hand-crafted in the USA and the designs that are available are absolutely stunning. We found ours at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford, NY.

*All-natural dough with plant-based colors

*compostable glitters

*organic essential oils

*Eco-friendly packaging

*Including a natural, sustainably sourced wooden shovel made from birch.

*Air dries for sculpting

There are so many stunning and fun themes with this dough and it is hard to choose just one in this line.

🌎Planet Earth Large Scoop – Land of Dough

My daughter is currently learning about the Solar System and the Earth and when we saw this we knew we needed to check it out. Check out how you can see the layer’s of the Earth’s core when you cut into the dough. We talked about the differences in the layers. It is so awesome to be able to combine play and learning with this sensory dough.

🏝❌💰My Treasure Island Large Scoop

This dough is not your everyday dough , it is an experience and my daughter loved digging through to find the golden treasure under the ❌ just 3 paces left of the 🌴.

The Stunning Colors

I love how the dough looks when you mis the colors from the set together. It is stunning and my daughter’s love the shine with the glitters.

How should you store the dough?

For a longer-lasting dough: Keep sealed in product packaging and place in a cool dry place.

Buy your locally on Long Island at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford, NY!

Located at: 3639 Merrick Rd Seaford, NY 11783



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