5 Reasons Why You Need to Engage in Learning With Your Kids

Teaching a child to learn is a necessary step in helping them build the fundamental pillars of how to grow and function in society. Of course, it starts in small steps and it takes a long time, as evidenced by the number of our young lives we spend in school, but eventually, it pays off. The issue here is that engaging with learning with your kids should begin before school is an integral part of their lives.

Children enter kindergarten around the ages of 5-7, and from there, they then progress to elementary school and so forth. This is a long process, but it can be bolstered by helping teach your child earlier than that and by providing useful tools that will carry through once they enter the school system, or when you begin teaching them more complex lessons. 

Here are 5 reasons why engaging with learning between you and your child is so important.

1. The Child-Parent Bond is Strongest

Nobody bonds together like a parent and a child. Whether it’s a mother or a father, a parent has the most time spent with a child, so there is an inherent connection there. This makes teaching simpler, as the child is most trusting and accepting of the things they learn from their parents, especially at a young age. It is important to remember that this special bond makes it easier for a parent to provide educational value so it’s important for parents to instill learning as a doctrine of their parenting roles before the child is ushered into a school environment, or begins learning formal education even in homeschooling.

2. There Are More Learning Resources for Parents Now

We know much more now about parenting than any generation before us. The number of resources available is astounding, and online resources at Parenting Tipster are among the numerous ways parents of all experience can find help. The age-old effort to find other parents is still very much a source of knowledge you should tap into, along with pediatricians, but the internet is allowing for a more up to date look into the world of parenting that is providing parents of all ages with more access to knowledge, which in turn, allows parents to educate their kids as well.

3. Early Learning Children Excel Later in Life

It has been shown that learning from a young age is important in intelligence later on in life. Teaching your child at a young age, spatial awareness, organizational skills, pattern recognition, etc. are all helpful in providing your child with the building blocks to success. The earlier a child is exposed to learning routines and educational material, the better chance they have of carrying their abilities over into a school setting. Providing a strong influence in learning also has a direct correlation with a child’s ability to succeed in this aspect, which puts them in a more advantageous situation as they get older. 

4. You Can Learn What Strengths or Weaknesses Your Child Has

Learning from a young age and doing it hands-on yourself also allows you to see what areas your child excels or struggles in. There are plenty of opportunities to monitor their behavior and what they seem to flourish with. Your child may be good with pattern recognition, which lends itself to developing into a stronger math student, whereas they may be weaker in organizational skills, which helps you identify weak points that you can relay to their educators in the future. Having this knowledge allows you to tailor your teaching abilities to provide a more fluid learning environment for your child.

5. Helping Build Independence From a Young Age is Crucial for Development

Education is also important for building independence. The problem with the school system, as good as it can be at times, is that it creates learners that are dependent on the material provided to them. This doesn’t allow a child to eventually branch out and use their curiosity to build their own curriculum to study in their free time. Teaching your children from a young age helps them discover things they are good at, things they like, which can develop into avenues of personal growth for independent learning.

Love, compassion, and nurturing are some of the basics of being a parent, but being a useful conduit of knowledge and learning is something every parent needs to focus more on. These 5 reasons for engaging with your child in direct learning will help them grow and develop into more well-rounded people.

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