Grass Friends

Make your own Grass Friends!

A fun Spring Activity for your family to enjoy. Your kids will absolutely love watching their Grass Head grow and giving it “grass haircuts”.

What you will need is:

Plastic Cup

Copy Paper

Sharpie Markers

Packing Tape


Grass Seed


First, I had my daughter draw a face on a piece of paper with Sharpie Markers and I attached the picture to the inside of a plastic cup with packing tape. You want to make sure you cover the back of the picture well with packing tape so when you water the seed, the water doesn’t ruin your doodle face. (You can put a picture of your child in place of the doodle if you want, as well.)

Once your doodle has been fully covered with the packing tape add your soil and grass seed and make sure your grass seed is about an inch deep inside the soil and that you have a good amount of seed so the grass fills the top of the cup once it starts to grow.

Your child will be so excited seeing the growth of the grass each day. Once the grass grows a nice length your child can give it a “haircut” with their scissors.


Be sure to water your grass and have it near a window so the sun can help the grass grow, as well. The soil should be damp not saturated.

We have made different type of grass heads over the years. We hae also made them inside of pantyhose and they are also so cute and fun to watch grow. See the Grass Friends post.

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