Grass Friends

 Your kids will love to watch them grow and so will you! : )


Making grass friends is so simple to make and as their hair gets long your children can give them hair cuts.

Your child will see how grass grows in your own home or in their classroom.

mommy blog 1 001

I got inspired from to make these cute little grass friends.

All you need is:

Grass seed



Foam pieces

Google Eyes


Twist ties ( or rubber bands )

Small containers


Hot Glue Gun

mommy blog 1 001

First, you want to cut your stocking…

as if you were to cut at the knee and have from the knee down to the toe insert ( shown below )

mommy blog 1 002

Now, fill the toe area with grass seed and the rest of the stocking with soil and twist tightly ( shown below)

mommy blog 1 003

Next, tie with a twist tie ( shown below )

mommy blog 1 005

Next step is to decorate your Grass Friends ( I made a cat on the left and a person on the right )

mommy blog 1 006

Put into containers on a windowsill or anywhere else near sunlight and water daily!

mommy blog 1 008mommy blog 1 007

After 2 days your little Grass Friends should start to grow some hair…

mommy blog 1 003

And after 4 days…

mommyblog1 001mommyblog1 002

Even more grass hair ; )

Over the next few days the hair will continue to grow and  your new Grass Friends will need some haircuts.


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