Going On A Long Distance RV Trip With Your Family Soon? Here’s What You Need To Get First

Are you planning to go on a long summer trip with your family soon and you want to make your trip complete with a vehicle that has a fridge and toilet? Even amidst the pandemic, you can still travel safely. This pandemic should not cut short your plans of going on an RV trip. Going on a long-distance trip with your family soon? Here’s what you need to get first:

Be Careful Lest You Soil Yourself

Sound funny? It can happen. To avoid this from happening, ensure that the dump valves on your RV toilet are tightly closed before you open up the vehicle’s storage compartment as you remove the cap to connect the sewer pipe. Based on the information at toiletable.com/best-rv-toilet/, having a high-quality RV toilet can also help you avoid such messes. With a good RV toilet, you will not have to worry about having to dump the black water before you end your journey. Rv toilets are designed to have enough storage for all that you need them for during your retreat.  A good RV toilet has a foot pedal on the side and this is what you need to flush your bowl contents. Quality RV toilets have soft-close seats which close up and open quietly helping you avoid the risk of loose valves which can make you spill bowl contents on yourself. Learn the skills you need to effectively dump your holding tanks before you leave for your trip. You can read your manufacturer’s manual to know how to operate an RV toilet.

Your Handyman Toolkit

Remember to pack your power drill. You’ll need it in case you want to get handy. Also, bring with you a set of hex wrenches to ensure you can comfortably fix such unexpected outcomes like your side mirror loosening and disrupting your driving. You can have trouble changing lanes when your side view mirror is too loose. It can be very ridiculous to rely on your copilot anytime you want to turn your car. They are human too and they can be too tired or too anxious about the trip to help. You can avoid the hassle of having to stop fellow drivers to borrow a wrench if you pack your toolkit before you set off for your trip. Ensure that your toolkit has all that you could need including duct tape, a pair of scissors, rubber bands, and zip ties. Carry enough towels if you can be uncomfortable with noise from your rickets.  Your towels can act as noise buffers. Remind yourself of your mechanic skills too. They can help you fix the unexpected.

Your Cookware

It’s a trip and you want to make it memorable. Carry with you all the utensils you will need for cooking and eating. Such items like a knife and spoons are essential to carry before you hit the road running. You can opt to rent an RV that has a stove that comes with its kitchen utensils. This way you will be sure you have all the essentials. Check your stove for pans, silverware, and chopping boards. Check whether it has knives and ensure they are sharp enough before you leave the house. Don’t forget to pack some thermoses too. You’ll need some hot drinks to keep you going.

Think About Your Parking

If you are not sure of the state of the terrain where you shall be parking your RV cruise, carry some leveling bocks to ensure your vehicle stays level while in the parking space. Stackable leveling blocks are a good idea for you if your like legos. You can place these blocks under your car’s wheels to level up the space where you will be parking your car at. You can start by checking your level status in your RV toolbox to determine whether your RV is flat or not and to understand which wheels need some lift. Buying a set of blocks is a good idea in case you need more. It’s always safe to have extra than to be short of blocks. Remember your leveling blocks can help you keep your trip smooth as without them your fridge might stop particularly if it relies on gravitational force to cool your food and drinks. For such a fridge to work well, your vehicle must be on level ground.

Your RV trip can be intriguing if you prepare enough before you start your trip. Ensure you have all the cookware you’ll need, some leveling blocks if you must and your toolkit fully packed. Download all the relevant camping apps before you start your journey so that you know the direction you should head. You must arrive at your camping zone before dark so that you can acquaint yourself with the environment and select ideal parking for your RV car. Don’t forget your RV toilet necessities like easy-to-dissolve tissue paper. You’ll need to shower too so have all you need for your bathroom. Carry some scented toilet tabs to prevent buildup and bad odors in your toilet.

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