7 Fun Things to Do Outside With Kids

Stimulating children to go outside can sometimes be pretty difficult, especially since they are obsessed with video games, mobile phones, portable gaming gadgets, tablets, and other modern devices.

At times, it seems like they do not have a desire to spend some time outside unless that means hanging out with their buddies. These days, when COVID-19 is still very much present, it is practically impossible to invite somebody over.

That’s why you need to get creative and find a way to persuade your child to go outside and do something entertaining. It is beneficial for both their physical and mental well-being. Don’t worry! With the help of these tips you just might make that happen!

Creative Ways For Kids To Spend More Time Outside

Take Barbie Outside

Although it may seem like Barbie dolls are a bit outdated, still, a plethora of young girls adore them. Back in the days, when we were growing up, taking this doll to the backyard was extremely fun.

There are so many things you can do with it, especially because the outdoors tend to inspire various creative activities. Hence, you can take it (or any other superhero) outside, to the park for instance, and allow Barbie to experience a lot of exciting adventures with your child.

Stargazing With Your Child

If it seems like your kid is interested in astronomy or anything astronomy-related, stargazing is an incredible idea. Planet and star lovers at American Eclipse USA suggest that you should first make sure you get the right telescope that is going to be able to allow your child to get a glimpse of the meteor, galaxies, planets, constellations, etc. What’s so beneficial about it?

Namely, by doing it, you are going to inspire curiosity. Just by looking at the wonderful sky, filled with stars, it is going to fill your kid with delight and wonder. More importantly, this type of activity will spark his or her imagination and will motivate him/her to ask you numerous questions, such as:

  • What do stars represent?
  • How did they end up there?
  • How far away are they?
  • Did anyone place them there?
  • What are they made of?
  • Are we the only ones who are able to see them?

Just perceive this activity as a precious teaching moment that will give allow you to teach him or her not only about astronomy and science, but it is also a perfect time to raise some questions regarding religion and spirituality.

Don’t Forget These Outdoor Activities Too!

Build A Fire

You won’t believe how many children feel pride the first time they ever built a fire on their own. To you, it may be something relatively irrelevant, but to them is everything. Therefore, whenever you can, you should take your kid out and teach him or her how to build a fire.

Not only it is extremely exciting for both of you, but it’s also an amazing opportunity for your baby to learn something new. More importantly, there’s another activity that can be done at the same time – cooking.

Delicious things such as marshmallows or hot dogs are both foods that children generally adore and now they’ll be able to prepare them all by themselves. Plus, many people claim that they always seem to taste much better when prepared that way.

Planting Their Own Garden

Getting young kids and teenagers to do anything that revolves around gardening is a perfect way to motivate them to go outside and simply explain to them where our food comes from, how they can grow their own food, or how to generally care for every living thing.

Moreover, with your help, they can craft a fairy garden, possibly plant a flowerbed or simply plant their own veggie garden. All of this highly depends on the space and tools you have. In the beginning, focus on growing relatively simple things, such as wildflowers or tomatoes, to see whether they like it or not. And then, later on, you can do something a bit more difficult.

Museums And Zoos

If by any chance you have zoos or museums nearby, you should go to their websites to see whether there are days when they provide their visitors with free visits if you’re currently tight on a budget.

Now, the only problem with free-of-charge days is that they are extremely popular and these places can then be overcrowded, still, it’s worth giving a shot since you won’t be paying a dime. Furthermore, some corporations have great deals with local museums that enable workers to bring their families without spending any money, hence, it wouldn’t hurt to check that out before planning anything.


This is a spectacular activity for children of all ages, as well as for adults. It’s an amazing way to experience the great outdoors and at the same time to stay active, plus you can do it even with the youngest kids, even if they are not ready to take the handles themselves.

Rear-mounted and front seats, along with the bike tows are superb ways to do this activity, and another great thing about it is that your child doesn’t need any previous riding experience. Now, when it comes to children who want to be a little bit more independent, you should find a high-quality bike that is perfect for them. Keep in mind, that before you obtain it, ensure the vehicle is the correct size. Find an online kids’ bike sizing chart.

Nature Travel

You should plan a trip, an interesting travel destination where you’ll be able to do a plethora of activities, such as rafting, hiking, check hot springs, rock climbing, and many other things. Depending on your location, the terrain for any of these activities may just be potentially in your backyard, or if it isn’t, you can always go online to see the websites that can show you the best destinations for these types of activities.

It is easy to see that our lovely plant offers so many things when it comes to outdoor activities. You just have to figure out what your child loves, and simply stimulate him/her to go outside and have fun with you!

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