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Trendy, Fashionable and Innovative

Gold Star Laces were created by an amazing mom, Renee Shafran who searched for a product (a bi-colored shoelace) to make it easier for her child to learn how to tie their shoes and saw that there was none for sale so, she created her own and now this mompreneur has her own company, Gold Star Laces.

Fashionable and Trendy…

We are loving these laces and the color combinations. I feel the laces are not only helpful for kids who are learning to tie their shoes but, it can also be a trendy lace for kids to wear who already know how to tie their shoes. They have assorted color combinations for your child to choose from.

I love the 3 stars on the aglets which are on the ends of the laces, it is such a nice detail. These laces are made very well and are durable. They beautifully assorted colors will last and the laces measure 38 inches in length , which “are ideal for little kid shoes and sneakers with four to five eyelet pairs.”

I truly feel these will be on trend for kids to wear in different combinations. I love the idea of getting a few pairs and wearing them to match your school colors or to match your outfit. They are well made and I highly recommend getting them for your child.

How Gold Star laces came to be…

Renee said, “Our family was severely impacted when COVID hit last year.  When all the restaurants shut down, so did half of our household’s livelihood.  Like most people, we just struggled to keep busy and stay sane.  After doing all the “fun” activities, I decided it was time to teach my six-year-old how to tie her shoes.  I’d been avoiding it because I was sure it would cause more frustration than happiness.  I was right.  The biggest issue was telling her which lace to tuck, or bunny ear, or go around the tree.  I just kept saying, “the gray lace, no not that gray lace, the other one.”  LIGHTBULB.  We needed a bi-colored shoelace!!  I searched, but sadly there were none to be found.  So, I grabbed one of her white laces and some purple paint.  I painted half of the lace purple and let it dry.  The next day, we tried again and . . . . SURPRISE!  IT WORKED!  Learning to tie your shoes should be rewarding and memorable and with Gold Star Laces it can be.”

Learing to tie shoes…

Let’s talk about your child learning how to tie their shoes! I remember my oldest learning 3 years ago how to tie her shoes and she was so proud of herself when she learned. I wish these laces were around then because , it has made a huge difference in my youngest learning how to tie hers. She is definitely picking it up easier and I think it is absolutely because of the two different color laces. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Check out the different methods of tying like the Cheerio Method and the Bunny Ear Method thanks to Gold Star Laces.




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