Learn How To Pick A Piece Of Art To Work With Your Interior

Hanging artwork around the house is one popular way to spruce up old and tired-looking rooms or tie together the decor and furniture of a new house. 

Pieces of art can come in all shapes, sizes, and styles which can make choosing the right piece of art for different rooms in your home difficult, with that in mind here are some things to consider before picking art pieces.


Decide What Style of Art You Want

It is worth considering a few things before shopping for art. Firstly, you should list your color, emotion, and style preferences which will provide you with a criterion for filtering art when browsing online. You should also consider the existing style of decor and furniture in your room and what kind of artwork will suit it. 

The style of artwork you choose can match your personality or values, or act to remind you of a certain emotion or experience. Oftentimes modern art is based on expressing a feeling like in the work of David Hart who uses broad brushstrokes of vivid colors and splashes of paint to create a mood. There is a range of contemporary art styles you may want to research such as figurative, geometric, minimalist, pop and surrealist.  

Measure the Wall Spaces Around Your House  

Canvas paintings come in many sizes ranging from notebook-sized sized pieces to huge canvases that can cover whole walls. You should bear this in mind before heading to an art gallery if you want to get pieces that fit your empty wall spaces nicely. Paintings that are too big for space or look tiny next to other pieces can make the room look odd, that is why it is a good idea to measure your empty wall spaces first and note down how many paintings of each size you need. 

Originals Are a Unique Talking Point 

Although you can get printed or painted reproductions of art quite easily online, they have often been reproduced thousands of times as stock decor found in houses around the country. If you are looking for something that stands out more and is likely to be a talking point with friends and family, then you may want to consider getting original artwork. Even though original artwork costs more, you get a special feeling when you know the unique piece has been worked on by an artist for hours. Furthermore, original paintings regularly last longer than reproductions and maintain their quality better.

Consider Your Budget 

When looking for artwork to match your house, you have probably already spent a fair amount on interior decor and furnishing so it is worth setting a maximum budget for each painting you will buy or the total for a collection of paintings. Despite the fact you may be particularly attached to a painting with a high price tag it is better to stay within budget as there are also additional costs when buying art such as insurance, installation, packaging, and shipping.  

Selecting the right pieces of art for your home can be tricky as you must consider the style, size, and which room it will be displayed in. However, if you follow this guide on buying art you can save yourself some time when browsing galleries. 

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