Environment-Friendly Ways To Make Your Garden Stand Out

Since the increasing awareness of the human impact on our environment, people around the world are moving towards living more in tune with nature, respecting our habitat, and finding eco-friendly ways of designing their home areas. This article will focus on what you can introduce into your garden if you’re looking to keep the environment at the forefront of your garden upgrades! 

Outdoor seating and repurposed furniture

Through the use of upcycled materials, one can easily help your garden make an impression on those who visit your place. A really fun project could be to embrace the DIY trend and create some new furniture pieces with the help of a keen friend! Otherwise, the recommendation is to find a local company or entrepreneur here in Western Australia who can help you design and build repurposed pieces that will not only be environmentally friendly but also eye-catching and quirky. 

Install sleek decking

Your outdoor seating will be well complemented by a chic decking area for the furniture to rest upon. Though many people prefer authentic wood, there are some fantastic composite decking suppliers in Perth that are bound to give your garden a complete makeover! The natural timber look and feel will ensure that you get all the benefits of real wood, but without needing to sand, varnish, paint, and maintain. Plus, companies like NewWoodTech have created composite decking made from 95% recycled materials. I’d say that’s environmentally friendly – wouldn’t you?! 

Create a vertical garden

The urgency of climate change is becoming more real, and more people are turning towards more sustainable decisions every day. The rise of vertical gardens, otherwise known as green walls, has been studied to help combat the increasingly harsher climates we live in. There are many benefits of investing in a vertical garden!

Firstly, green walls are very aesthetically pleasing, adding an attractive element to your outside area. Vertical gardens are also evidenced to help reduce soaring temperatures – an advantage that is extremely valuable in our location. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to really go local with succulents and plants. As these gardens require plants to have the best chance of succeeding, planting indigenous species will ensure the flora will thrive! 

Use native and climate-friendly plants

Depending on where you live, there will be hundreds of plant species that are best suited to that environment. In Australia alone, there are over 24 000 native plant species. You can either do some research beforehand on your own or consult with an informed nursery to help you find interesting, water-wise plants for your garden.

Going native is definitely a way to honor the environment around your home, allowing you to feel more in touch with nature. Additionally, there are an inordinate amount of weird and wonderful-looking plants you have likely never seen before. Take a look at plants with bright colors and whimsical shapes – this will have your visitors curious to learn more about our impressive array of indigenous species. 

Build-in visual surprises

Offering guests in your home a sense of adventure as they walk through your garden can be a fun way to make your garden stand out. For example, you could paint a random section of a wall to add an interesting color or visual dimension to your garden area. Let’s be honest, being surprised by unique pieces of furniture is likely to mean your guests won’t easily forget about their garden experience!

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