7 Small Changes to Make Your Home More Green

While solar panels are out of the question for many of us, there are other affordable ways to make our homes more eco-friendly.

Here are seven ways that you can make your home greener without breaking the bank.

1. Purchase Window Treatments 

Natural light can affect our lives by the amount of heat that it brings into our homes. Keep the temperature consistent in your home by upgrading your window treatments to prevent added heat or cold air from creeping inside.

By doing this, you avoid excessive use of heat and AC, reducing the negative impact on the environment. For even more environmental benefits, choose window treatments that are safer for the environment. Look into PACE energy financing to get the funding you need to make your home greener and more energy-efficient. 

2. Change How You Do Laundry

When we use heated water to wash our clothes, we increase the carbon dioxide emissions released into the environment. What’s more, about 90% of the energy that a washing machine uses is based on heating water! To reduce the negative impact of heating water, wash your clothes in cold water instead. 

Hot water can cause your clothing fabric to wear and tear, reducing the vibrancy of colors in the process! If you want to go the extra mile, hang your clothes out to dry in the hotter months. If line-drying your clothes is not an option for you, you can put up a drying rack somewhere accessible indoors. You save energy and avoid a negative environmental impact by skipping the dryer and hanging your clothes instead. 

3. Switch to LEDs

If you haven’t heard by now, LED light bulbs are much more efficient than alternatives. You can significantly reduce the amount of electricity you use by switching to them, and you can also save money. LED light bulbs last much longer than regular light bulbs, making them a win-win for the environment and for your wallet. 

4. Start Recycling Today

If you’ve been too bothered to recycle, it’s time to rethink that perspective. Stay eco-friendly during the holidays by getting a recycling bin to dispose of your recyclable food containers and items. This way, you can be more conscious in trying to reduce waste. Make the shift and start recycling your bottles, paper, and other items that do not belong in the landfill. 

5. Start an Herb Garden 

Herbs take up minimal space and are an excellent use of compost-made fertilizer. You will promote cleaner, greener air in and outside of your home by starting your own herb garden. Plus, you’ll have fresh herbs for your meals whenever you need them! 

To make your garden stand out, choose artisan ceramic pots. Also consider getting indoor plants, as potted herbs improve the air quality of indoor settings. 

6. Use Appliances Strategically

Your appliances steal more energy than you may realize. Instead of toasting bread in the oven for convenience, buy a toaster. Toasters use less energy than the oven, and therefore reduce the negative environmental impact that the added heat creates!


7. Stop Buying Water Bottles 

Plastic water bottles can be avoided by switching to a water filter that attaches to your sink or inside a separate pitcher. Using a water filter reduces the amount of plastic sent to landfills, and you save money by not needing to buy water bottles all the time! 

The Bottom Line

A greener home is about conserving energy, reducing waste, and making efforts to recycle and reuse accordingly. Every step you take counts, so get started right away! To make your home more environmentally friendly, consider the above suggestions.

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