What Are the Top Accessories for Men and How to Choose Them

When it comes to accessories for men, the internet is full of nifty options. Gadgets, styles, and accents galore can be found in most shopping centers and online retailers, and while it’s good to have options, sometimes this can be a bit overwhelming. The following will explore the basic accessories associated with a classic look. Not only should these items work with your current wardrobe and style, but they should be functional and last you quite a while.

The Wristwatch

Of course, when it comes to classic accessories for men, the watch can’t be beaten. It’s functional, fits well with most aesthetics, and works in a wide variety of formal and non-formal settings. Anything from simple leather straps with white clock faces to stylish watches with mechanical movements can be found online and in stores. Some men find one piece that works for all occasions, while others have a few options depending on where they’re heading. There are also hardier versions for those who like to hike and adventure and run the risk of damaging a more delicate timepiece.


While sunglasses were an instant classic the moment they came out, the fit and design of sunglasses have changed over time. If you’re not sure which type of sunglasses most suits your face structure, aviators are probably your safest bet. These look good on all face shapes and sizes, so the guesswork is taken out. Whatever sunglasses you decide on, you’ll want to look for some that block both UVA and UVB rays. Besides looking cool, sunglasses can help keep your eyes young and healthy and undamaged from the sun for years to come.


Another classic accessory that is just as functional as it is suave is the wallet. The most classic-looking wallets tend to be billfold leather ones. These fit easily in the pocket, hold what you need them to, last forever, and look fantastic. You can see this sort of item working just as well with a cowboy as a businessman—if that’s not the definition of classic, what is? 
When searching for a wallet, always make sure there are enough slots to hold what you need (including several business cards if you’re someone who needs to give those out for work) and that the item will fit comfortably into your pocket. If you’re torn between two options, almost always, the simpler choice turns out to be more classic in the long run.


The belt is one of those things that almost everyone uses; they’re practical because they help prevent that priceless plumber shot (which isn’t classic at all), but they’re also stylish. Like with wallets, choosing the right belt might mean you need only one moving forward. A high-quality leather belt will last a long time, and if it’s not too elaborate, it’ll go with everything you have. Belt buckles and alternative belts can, of course, be classic too.

The above list should give you an idea of the staples when it comes to classic men’s accessories. It’s worth noting that you might need more than the above if you live in a particularly cold climate or a brutally hot one. Take the time to find the right piece, and you won’t need to be shopping again for a long time; you’ll have something that suits your personal tastes, your style, and your practical needs that will also last for years and years.

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