4 Tips to be a Great Mom While Having a Career

So, you’re a mom, and you have the ambition to be the best mom you can be while simultaneously managing a demanding career. Of course, you know you can do it, but how exactly will you manage all of that stress and responsibility without falling apart? With so much on your plate, we don’t blame you for asking at times, Can moms really do it all

We know they can. To prove it, here are four tips for how to be a great mom while maintaining a career you’re proud of.

1. Selfless Pursuits and Intentions  

To juggle anything time consuming, you need the right motivation. Without getting your head in the game, it will be challenging to maintain a hectic job and your sanity as a mom. The stakes are high, but you can dial down the stress by incorporating the right mindset to keep you motivated. Take some time to reflect on the people and ideas that matter the most to you. There is no doubt that being a good mom for your child is an incentive, but you also need to consider the incentives that exist for others in your life. Will being a working mom help your partner? Will making extra money give you more means to give back to your community? Find the incentives that touch your heart and use caring for others as selfless motivation. 

2. Make Your Career More Convenient 

If you want to manage your career and be an awesome mom simultaneously, one approach is to make your job work for you by meeting the demands of motherhood. For example, getting a work-from-home position would allow you to balance motherhood while maintaining a career. You can also enroll in mortgage training or real estate to get your license and follow your own general schedule. You can even start your own business from home and be both a mom and your own boss. Whatever you can do to blend motherhood and your career together will give you more freedom to handle both aspects of your life effectively. 

3. Setting Aside “Me” Time

Just like setting personal incentives, additional time for self care is just as critical to your success as a working mom. Managing a career and motherhood will have you on the move most of the time, and that is perfectly fine, so long as you set aside some time to pamper yourself and to sit and recharge your batteries. Find a time window where you can be with yourself. Take this time to meditate, nap, or do something else that is relaxing and detached from the rest of your daily responsibilities. Setting aside this “me” time will give you the rest you need to perform at your best and manage work and play to the best of your abilities.

4. Find Personal Motivation

Are you looking forward to paid vacation time? Are you working towards a promotion? Do you want to gain the satisfaction of being there for your child and helping them master developmental milestones ahead of the curve? These are all things that involve being a mom and having a career, but they are ultimately about how these things make YOU feel. If you leave yourself out of the equation, you’ll soon be running on empty and will find no enjoyment from working so hard. Define your personal motivations to keep moving forward. 

The Bottom Line 

Keep your eye on the prize, your mind focused on positive things, and your work commitments flexible (if possible). With all of these great ideas, who says moms can’t do it all? We certainly don’t. 

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