Halloween Treat Ideas featured on News 12 Long Island

We were so excited to be featured on News 12 Long Island this morning with Elizabeth Hashagen, this morning. We hope you enjoy these adorable Halloween treat ideas for your kids whether they are for home, your child’s lunchbox or at a classroom party. We even show you a fun way to make a really cute and inexpensive way to make your own Halloween “surprise bags” with festive colored napkins, ribbon and your candy/ toys of choice (all can be found at your local dollar store).

Do you remember as a child getting these adorable lollipop ghosts in your trick or treat bag? Back then this was such a cute and crafty idea and no one found the idea on the internet. The ghost was made with a coffee filter, napkin or tissue and then a rubber band was put around the bottom of the lollipop and then a marker was used to draw the eyes and mouth.

Simple and so cute!

Clementine Jack O’ Lanterns

I love a healthy option for kids to enjoy! This is not only simple to make but, kids can add whatever expression they want onto their Jack O’Lantern clementine whether they want it to have a happy, sad, silly, or scary expression drawn on theirs.

*Tip: Do not refrigerate the clementine bag before you have kids draw on the outer skin because the condensation will make it hard for the marker to show.

*you can see that my daughter’s face is very hard to see because it was in the fridge, first.

All you need is:

Clementines, Black Sharpie Marker

Halloween Character Apples

These apples are so cute and I know they willmake your child smile! I wanted to figure out a fun character to make with a red apple and I loved the idea of a vampire. With the green apple you can make a Frankenstein or a Zombie.

Supplies Needed:

Saran Wrap, Googly Eyes, Black Electrical Tape, White Duct Tape, Scissors and Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun

Twinkie Mummy

There is nothing scary about this Mummy!

Wrap a Twinkie with white duct tape to make an adorable Mummy and a smiling mouth with a black Sharpie and googly eyes. A cute treat for kids this Halloween.

All you need is:

Twinkies, White duct tape, Black Sharpie Marker and Googly Eyes

Bat Brownie

How cute is this Brownie Bat? I love the individual snacks to decorate.

All you need is:

Brownies, Black Construction Paper, Black Electrical Tape, White Duct tape, Googly Eyes, Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun

DIY “Surprise Treat Bags”

All kids love a surprise toy, right? Head to your local dollar store and get all the things you need to make these.

All you need is:

Colorful beverage napkins (orange, bright green, black and purple), Ribbon, Halloween toys (stickers, erasers, spider rings, tops) and Candy

I love how inexpenesive and how easy these are to make.

All I did was put a few items inside the beverage napkin and then, tied a ribbon around it. I used purple and green ribbon.

Then, to make the “surprise treat bags” look extra cute just hot glue googly eyes to the front.

I hope you like these ideas as much as I enjoyed making them.

Head to News 12’s website to see all the videos in their Food & Fun Section.

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