How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Smile And Dental Health

One of the most beautiful things on a person’s face is their smile. Showing a sincere, wide row of white teeth and puffed-up cheeks usually brings joy to everyone looking at you, but also makes you feel more confident when you know how it looks. And as children – people tend to smile a lot but as they age usually less and less. It has to do with two factors, one is generally becoming grim, and the other is losing confidence in the smile itself.

Unfortunately, teeth have a hard time staying whole and well with the modern diet. From a yellow pigment to broken or outright missing teeth – the human denture endures a lot during its working lifetime. They are incredibly hard and sturdy, but decades of chewing up food take their toll. That is why a certain intervention needs to happen now and again to ensure your smile stays as pretty as can be.

Natural Teeth and Dental Implants

Teeth are the equivalent of a mechanical grinder and are one of the most important tools in the animal digestive system. They have evolved so that larger pieces of food can be beaten or cut down to smaller sizes to make them easily digestible If nothing else this makes them very important – without them, people would either be choking on large pieces of food all the time or could only be taking in liquids. 

Teeth also play a very important role in how animals and people communicate. With dogs, for example, showing teeth can be a sign of aggression and dominance, but also that of submissiveness, and there is a lot of similarity with people. Humans who show their teeth while smiling are perceived as more open and friendly, while healthy white teeth have always been associated with youthfulness and beauty. 

Improving Dental Health

Tooth decay is one of the most common health problems in today’s world, even though it is almost entirely preventable. When the hard outer plaque becomes damaged for whatever reason the inner tissue of the tooth easily starts to decay and the tooth may become damaged so much it must be removed. 

Seeing a dentist regularly is a first. But if things go too far, seeing the people at can also help, as dental implants are the age-old solution to this problem. Effectively, they replace a damaged or outright missing tooth root with non-degradable material that is used as a foundation for a new tooth to be placed. 

Missing teeth put people at a far greater risk of getting some sort of disease. Exposed gums harden over time, but an empty cavity is a great place for bits of food to remain for far too long, making them a harboring point for unwanted microorganisms. Also, an empty cavity cannot be filled by simply placing a fake tooth in between existing ones – it will move with very little pressure. What it needs is an implant that has been drilled into place so it will securely stay where it’s supposed to be. This not only helps with maintaining oral hygiene, but it also helps with chewing. 

A Confident Smile

On the outside, a smile has a huge psychological impact on both the person hosting it and the person receiving it. This has been studied at length and proven that there are many, many benefits to smiling, even if it’s forced. For starters, the very physical contraction that makes up a smile sends signals to the brain to release dopamine, the happy hormone. But also, because it is a sign of trust and happiness, those seeing an honest smile feel better.

But not being confident about a smile because of missing or bad teeth also happens, and is understandable. Such dentures are usually seen as something wrong and not worthy of displaying, and will therefore make people smile less, or cover their mouth while doing so. Being so conscious about one’s smile makes a person smile less in the long run.

Fortunately, that is something easily fixable, and the notion that you will be getting not only a stronger bite, but a prettier smile makes it worth the effort. People without teeth, usually older people in impoverished societies, have definitely a much lower quality of life at least for that reason.

A lot of people don’t like going to the dentist for all the possible reasons, the smell, the noise, the shame of not flossing often, etc. But considering the benefits one has from proper teeth, it is well worth the time, money, and patience to take care of them in whatever way necessary.

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