Seen Enough Tobacco

ALBANY, N.Y. – Youth in this region have seen enough tobacco promotions. It’s time to protect them and put an end to youth smoking and other tobacco use. That’s the message Tobacco Free New York State is working hard to communicate to millions regionally and statewide with its “Seen Enough Tobacco” campaign.

With the goal of safeguarding children from the billions of dollars of hard-hitting tobacco promotions in places where they can see them, the campaign uses video, social media (#SeenEnoughTobacco), digital advertising and a “Jack and Jill (and Tobacco)” storybook that describes children’s encounters with tobacco promotions in convenience stores. Provocative images creatively combine cigarettes with common children’s items, like crayons, a birthday cake and a crib mobile, in scenarios intended to grab the attention of community members and parents and prompt their outrage. Viewers can learn what they can do to protect children from tobacco promotions and join more than 15,000 others throughout the state by pledging their support at the campaign’s website

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Erika Burdick- B.Fit Long Island

Hi I’m Erika Burdick, Long Island native, mom and ACE  certified personal trainer. I love learning new exercises to challenge myself and helping friends and family stay motivated to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


After having my daughter, Harper in 2015 my time was extremely limited.  I needed to get creative just to find 30 minutes to workout. I thought I must not be the only mom struggling to find some balance. This sparked the idea for BFit Long Island. I became an ACE certified Personal Trainer and developed a 30 minute full body workout program to be done right in the comfort of your home.

 I aim to bring affordability and convenience to local families with my in home training.

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Redefining Healthy- Parabens and how they effect our bodies

Written by: Christine Egan

Ladies, love lathering on body products and I was certainly one of them for years. But just as I eliminated plastics, after my breast cancer diagnosis, I also had to give a good, hard look at my bathroom closet. While many products smelled good or made my skin feel silky smooth, I had to check out the ingredients.

redefine healthy

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Soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, makeup Oh My!

After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer five years ago I started reevaluating the chemicals that I came in contact with everyday and specifically, the chemicals that had been linked to cancer. I starting reviewing my morning routine. My shower included the body soap, shampoo, and conditioner. After my shower, I would layer on the skin lotion, face lotion, and hair products. Lastly, came the antiperspirant and makeup. Were the products I was using safe?

christine egan shampoo

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PICKY EATER challenge from Mindful Eating

HEY KIDEES!  Are you a Picky Eater?

PICKY EATERS will not always be Picky Eaters but we must challenge them to try new things

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Breast Cancer Awareness

acspc-026658October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Unfortunately, we all know of someone who has had or has breast cancer. This is a terrible disease that we will not stop till there is a cure.

Wear Pink in support and join the fight against Breast Cancer!

Want to make your own ribbon? Follow these directions I found on the American Cancer Society website.

click here—–> Make a Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon Lapel Pin

*make your own pink ribbon lapel pin; no sewing required. Finished size: 1½” by 5/8″.*

You can shop for the cure as well…

On News 12 there was a segment called: Raise money for breast cancer awareness with Think Pink products. There are great products you can purchase that proceeds go straight to Breast Cancer Research.


“This is not only a month of remembering, but also educating everyone about breast cancer. Women are encouraged to get a breast cancer screening at one of many locations on Long Island. Not only are women affected by breast cancer, but men are too and included in celebration of their survival and mourning those who have not.”

So lace up those shoes and get walking/running for the cause!

Here are some events taking place on Long Island—-> 2013 Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Walks and Charities Guide

Anthony V. Mannino Foundation


“The Mission of The Anthony V. Mannino Foundation is to financially assist young adults in the age group of (18-28) while they are undergoing their cancer treatment.  We also want to help development support programs to aid this unique age group, with their special needs, as they battle cancer. “

We found that Anthony’s age group of 18 plus, doesn’t have the emotional or financial support that other age groups do. We are also aware of the unique situations that this age group faces and want to help those adolescents and their families. Some of the unique problems that present themselves with this age group are:

  • They must stay a full time student to be enrolled in their parent’s health insurance. Chemotherapy and Radiation makes it impossible to feel well enough to take the four courses needed to be a full time student.  
  • Lack of psychological help and support. There wasn’t a trained psychiatrist on staff to help Anthony deal with his prognosis.  Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and lack of sleep, are just a few of the affects of being given such a terrible diagnosis/prognosis.
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