Perky Turkey Cake

Have you ever cut your cake to be the shape of an animal or object? My aunt always made cut-up cakes and she sent me the book she always referred to called, Cut-Up Cake Party Book. Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we decided to make a Perky Turkey cake.

For a Perky Turkey Cake you will have to make your cake of choice inside of a round pan. My daughter’s love Devils Food Cake so that is the cake we made. Who doesn’t love chocolate, right?

This is the book page reference on how to cut the cake.

It was very simple to cut the cake for the Turkey shape.

The Devils Food Cake is so soft and moist that it will crumble easily when you try and frost it. I decided to not frost the sides with the kids but, I think it came out so cute.

The girls added Kit Kat legs and M&M’s for decorations. To make the eye, I just put a dolup of frosting and added a chocolate chip to the center. We used food coloring with a white vanilla frosting for the cake. The love it and it is truly a sweet looking cake to brighten your dessert table.

This is the book my aunt surprised me with. We are so excited to make a Christmas Tree for Christmas, as well. Stay tuned for that cake, I am sure we will post that one, too!

We wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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