Plants that represent Prosperity, Wealth and Luck

Did you know that there is some indoor plants that you can buy for your home that can help attract more prosperity, wealth and luck into your life? These plants should be placed in the wealth corner of any room, building, or home. The wealth corner is the southeast corner and you can read more about the feng shui money corner on the Love to Know website.

Want to learn more about these indoor plants? Our good friend, Jonah from Jonah’s Garden in Bellmore, NY has some beautiful indoor plants for you to purchase locally on Long Island and he is always willing to help you find the plant that best suits you. Don’t live near Bellmore but, want to support a great local shop? Jonah can ship the plants to you, as well.

Let’s learn more about the plants that can produce more money energy into your home…

ZZ Plants

ZZ plants do best in bright to moderate, indirect light, but will do fine in extremely low levels of light. This plant makes an ideal plant for a window-less office or bathroom where it will only receive small amounts of fluorescent light. Much like cacti, they need less rather than more water. Water the plant only when the soil has dried out. The rare way you can kill this plant is to over water it. A ZZ plant turning yellow means that it is getting too much water and its underground rhizomes may be rotting. So if you remember nothing else about caring for a ZZ plant, just remember to forget to water it. It can survive months without water, but will grow faster if watered somewhat regularly.

Money Tree

Despite its native habitat of the moist jungle, your money tree doesn’t like to be overwatered. Wait until the top few inches of soil have dried before watering deeply, and ensure that water flows out of the hole in the bottom of the container. However, too-dry soil can also cause leaf drop, so be sure to water your money tree at least once or twice a week. 

Jade Plant

One of the most important things when you care for jade plants is to make sure that they are watered properly. Never let a jade plant dry out completely. Also, do not water a jade plant too often, as this can cause root rot. Don’t water your jade plant on a schedule. Rather, water your jade plant when the top of soil is just dry to the touch.

Another important aspect of the care and maintenance of jade plants is how much sun they receive. They need full sun in order to grow properly.

Pilea Peperomiodes

The Pilea is an easy plant when it comes to watering. The Pilea Peperomioides likes to be in moist soil, but should also dry out for 1-2 days. This makes it very easy to water, because you can stick to an easy watering schedule: water it once per week. When you water your Pilea once per week, when it’s planted in its ideal soil, it will be in moist soil for about 5 days.

Lucky Bamboo

Give it plenty of light. Lucky bamboo makes a great indoor plant because it can tolerate light shade and indirect sunlight. However, your bamboo will grow larger when exposed to bright light. This doesn’t mean you should put your plant in full, direct sunlight, but keeping it in a bright room can increase its longevity. Lucky bamboo can be grown in soil or water. If you’re growing the plant in water, filtered or distilled water is your best option for keeping your bamboo’s roots moist and healthy. (Tap water may contain chemicals that can burn its stalks). Always use clean water to refresh your plant.

*Fun Fact: Did you know that the amount of Bamboo stalks have a meaning?

1 stalk- represents truth and commitment

2 stalks- represent love (a great wedding gift idea)

3 stalks- Happiness (a wish for new beginnings)

4 stalks- draws out negative energy

5 stalks- represents harmony and peace

6 stalks- signifies blessings

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We hope you can join us this Tuesday, February 15th on Instagram LIVE to chat more about the plants and ask us any questions you might have.

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