6 Vacation Ideas Every Family Member Will Enjoy

Family holidays can be tricky. Everyone wants to do something different and something that was a hit with everyone the year before might not be a hit the next year. Whether your family enjoys the poolside bliss, or exotic destinations far away this list has something for everyone. Let’s get into it.

1. Rome

Not typically thought of as a family destination, Rome is a large, busy city. The seemingly chaotic nature of the city is something that makes it incredibly exciting. Something is always happening, which is why we recommend it for families who don’t have young children. Little ones need a routine and nap time, which cuts into what you can do around this city. When it comes to finding somewhere for everyone to sleep at night, hostels in Rome are also a much easier option when you have a family with older kids. Keep a careful eye of traffic. We recommend that you Uber to and from your destination, or walk as the streets are a bit wild. Also, remember to book everything you want to do in advance, especially if you are going to visit during a particularly touristy time of year.

2. Bali & the Gili Islands

Bali is a truly magical place. With its jaw-dropping landscapes, it’ll leave the entire family spellbound and wanting more. There are tons of activities to keep everyone in the family interested, even the younger ones. You could go dolphin-watching, swimming in waterfalls or plan a trip to Ubud’s monkey forest. A popular activity is surfing. If you or your kids don’t know how to surf, take a trip down to Kuta beach where you’ll find fully qualified, English-speaking surf instructors. A lesson typically lasts 2 hours and pick up from a local hotel is included in the price. A short boat ride away will get you to Gili Nanggu, also known as Paradise Island. Here you can enjoy a full day of a private snorkelling tour where you’ll also get to visit a few of the other Gili islands. The Gili islands are tranquil and the perfect place to decompress and enjoy slowing down.

3. Rosario

When you think of family holiday destinations, you don’t typically think of Argentina. Rosario is our pick for the best family spot in the country. With delicious food and yummy ice cream parlours it won’t be hard to feed your children. It has some lovely views and there are plenty of great outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. Rosario has plenty of activities for kids. The Jardin de Los Niños and the Museo de Los Niños are two particularly great options for them to enjoy. However, everyone can enjoy the river tours and the trip up to the gorgeous Iguazú Falls. You can even go on a horseback riding jungle tour once you get there!

4. North Island, New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that many are curious about visiting, but struggle to justify going to. It is one of the most gorgeous places in the world, packed with dramatic, breathtaking scenery. We highly recommend hiring a van or motor home and travelling the North Island at your own pace. Kids will be utterly mesmerised by the Waitomo glow worm caves and the stinky sulphur at Rotorua might have them giggling. The North Island is also the location of Lord of the Rings’ Hobbiton. Kids can play in the prop buildings, where you can learn more about the film, and just enjoy the charm of it all.

5. Puglia

Ever wonder about the heel of Italy’s boot? No? Well, Puglia is located here and is a great choice for a sunny family holiday. The pristine beaches seem to go on forever. The seaside town of Otranto has a huge castle and plenty of family-friendly appeal. As you head inland, you’ll be treated to fairytale Trulli houses. These tiny conical roofed houses are absolutely adorable and something that will captivate your children. The town of Alberobello is a Trulli town that is protected by UNESCO because of its spectacular uniqueness. It is something you will all enjoy seeing. And yes, you can book a night’s stay in one of them, too.

6. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the most visually striking mentions on this list. The capital of Scotland is small enough for you to stroll around but dense enough that every time you explore it, you’ll find something new. With its winding alley and cobblestone steps, it is a fascinating destination. One of the most exciting activities is the Harry Potter Magical Guided Walking Tour. Kids can get sorted into their Hogwarts House and you can even visit Tom Riddle’s grave! This isn’t the only tour. The city is renowned for its walking tours, so if that interests you, be sure to look into what is on when you are there.

The world is a big place, which means that there are tons of destinations for you and your family to enjoy. We hope that you found something interesting on this list and that you choose to explore one or more of these destinations on your next family holiday.

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