Top Monster Jam Events and Competitions

Roaring engines, dirt flying, and cheering crowds are just part of the enjoyment of a Monster Jam event. With trucks that measure approximately 10.5 feet tall, 12.5 feet wide, and 17 feet long, with a weight of 12,000 pounds, monster trucks make quite an impression. Imagine those trucks doing wheelies, jumps, and donuts, and you have a Monster Jam event. Here are the top Monster Jam events and competitions to enjoy at a show near you.

Racing Competition

Racing competitions take place between two trucks as they race along a designed course to see which one will advance to the next race. Individual races continue until only two trucks are left to battle it out for first place. Drivers may participate in a qualifying race prior to the start of the Monster Jam event to establish brackets for the racing competition.

Skills Challenge

The skills challenge is a judged competition that includes the monster trucks performing a variety of stunts for the audience. Stunts include a backflip, pogo, wheelie, walk it, sky wheelie, slap wheelie, and stoppie. The driver must bring at least two wheels into the air to qualify for participation in the skills competition.

The truck completes a 360-degree flip from a vertical obstacle for a backflip. Pogo means the truck bounces on the rear tires while the front wheels are in the air. For a wheelie, the driver lifts the front tires off the ground and drives a distance on only the rear tires. A walk it is a one-wheeled wheelie that rocks back and forth from one rear tire to the other.

A sky wheelie is when the truck stands straight up at a 90-degree angle with the front tires in the air, whereas a slap wheelie is when the driver brings the truck’s front end down to slap itself into a wheelie. For a stoppie, the driver put the nose of the truck to the ground, bringing the rear wheels up into the air. Some drivers will then put the truck in reverse to add a moonwalk.

Donut Competition

Another judged competition is the donut challenge. A donut is when the driver spins the Monster Jam truck around in circles in the same spot. This is done on a designated flat surface. The objective is to turn as many circles, or donuts, as quickly and as many as possible. Drivers may also complete a cyclone during this competition, similar to a donut but performed at a higher speed.

Freestyle Competition

Drivers perform stunts and tricks across the floor to be judged for the freestyle competition. Any stunt is eligible in this competition, and the idea is to be as creative as possible with a combination of moves. The hot shoes, or top drivers, will be recognized for their various stunts and tricks.

Pit Party

If you purchase an additional ticket for the Pit Party, you get a chance to see the Monster Jam trucks up close and meet the drivers. You can also watch pre-race interviews, get pre-signed autograph cards, participate in driver Q&A sessions, and take pictures with the vehicles and drivers.

Monster Jam events pit one driver against another in competitions to determine the best drivers. It’s not a demolition event; it’s a showcase of skills.

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