10 Surprising Finger Foods To Pair With Beer

If you like your beer to have some personality, it only makes sense to pair it with something just as striking. So, why go for your same old peanut nibbles or Chex mix while enjoying a drink? Playing around with different flavor profiles can unlock the food critic within you when you pair craft beer with some of these unusual finger foods. There’s a place and time for your nachos and tacos, of course. However, give these a chance one time, and you will be wowed for sure! 

The best thing about most of these is, they do not require a lot of elaborate prep on your part. You can make these with common pantry ingredients with minimal effort. You might even impress your date for the night with some of these surprising pairings and earn some much-valued points too! 

Without further ado, let us take a look at these finger foods, which blend perfectly with craft beer and can transport you to a magical land of taste and indulgence. 

  1. Baked Brie with Jam

Cheese may probably not be your usual go-to when it comes to an accompaniment to your drink. Well, we are not going to be frying cheese either. This is a special hit during the holiday season when everything tastes better baked. Baked brie always invokes this strong feeling of homely comfort, and coupled with the sharp tang of the jam of your choice, this will be a taste to remember when you pair it with beer. 

To go a step further, sprinkle some chopped peanuts on your jam, and you will have perfection on a plate. 

  1. BBQ Egg Rolls

Anything fried is always a welcome accompaniment to craft beer. Take it a notch higher with these delectable BBQ egg rolls which are easy to make and taste absolutely nuts. Are your pals coming over to watch the game? Whip up a quick batch of these egg rolls and enjoy them with some honey mustard. You will be complimented on your cooking skills for sure! 

  1. Coconut Panko Lobster Corndogs 

Who said beer cannot be fancy? Nothing spells indulgence quite like lobster does. Take your game to the next level with lobster corndogs. Hear us out – lobster tails fried with a delectable coating of panko and coconut crumbs accompanying craft beer- it simply does not get any better than this! This can be the perfect beginning to your date night. Think about it- you have the cool appeal of beer with the decadence of lobster. It is a winning combination alright!

A little tip- before you boil lobster tails, insert skewers through them. This way, they will not curl and will remain in shape. Thank us later! 

  1. Spicy Pig in a Blanket

Need a quick go-to with your craft beer? This is the perfect thing to make when you are short on time but need a winning appetizer. There is nothing quite like football food, with the spice levels adding to the suspense of the game. Go all out with your spices and rub them evenly on the dough rolls. Wrap them around the little piggies and add a drizzle of oil. Bake them for a few minutes and you got yourself a plateful of spicy goodness. 

  1. Meatball Sliders 

We all love meatballs, and we all love sliders. Why not bring the two together to form the perfect mini-sandwich? While this may be more of a chef-style dish if you make the meatballs from scratch, store-bought ones work great too! These will make your guests ask for seconds and thirds at least a couple of times. And believe it or not, you will not be able to stop yourself from reaching out for another, and then another, and then another. 

Pro tip: If you want to take it to the next level, add some glazed sauce to the sliders and cut up some fresh herbs. You will have on your plate a Michelin-level appetizer in no time! 

  1. Naked Oysters with Lemon 

You have heard of oysters being paired with wine or champagne, but beer? You may be thinking this is one of those finger foods that do not work, but here’s a little secret- beer tastes fantastic with oysters. Most people just have not tried it yet. 

Sometimes, less is more. If you are a seafood enthusiast but don’t feel like going through the whole process of prepping and cooking, all you need to do is cut up some lemons and get some fresh oysters. Nothing can beat the raw, salty and airy taste of oysters sprinkled with just a dash of lemon juice. 

Moreover, seafood gives you a host of benefits, so really, you’re being extra health-conscious with this pairing. 

  1. Devilled Eggs 

You read that right. Devilled eggs are a great accompaniment to beer, since the taste of craft beer pairs perfectly with the creaminess of the egg yolk. While devilled eggs may be popular as appetizers, they are not usually seen with drinks. Well, you won’t know how great they go together unless you try for yourself! 

Think wild mushrooms sauteed with onions, combined with egg yolks and just a touch of mayonnaise. They will taste just right with beer and will also not be heavy on your stomach. 

8. Brownies 

Brownies are like the one dish no one can ever hate. Bet you’ve never tried them with beer, though. Creamy and fudgy brownies rich in chocolatey goodness pair amazingly with craft beer. We know it is an unlikely combination, but chocolate has a rich history of being paired with alcohol. Most typically, it is paired with wine, but why not try to be a little adventurous and see just how well it goes with beer? 

Plus, brownies are super easy to make, so you can enjoy this combination at any time you want. If you want to enjoy this sweet treat sans the guilt, try avocado brownies

9. Cheese Pretzels 

Pretzels? Yep. Cheese? Yep. Beer? Why not? Cheese also has a rich history of being paired with alcoholic drinks, and pretzels are easily the go-to among snacks. Cheese works wonders when combined with pretzels because you get that beautiful saltiness of the cheese along with the chewiness of the pretzel, and it just works wonders when eaten with craft beer. In fact, do you know that the salt palate of this dish helps you make out the different flavors of the beer? This works so well together, you may not even need a dip!

10. Bacon Potato Skins

If you are feeling whimsically creative, this is the right side dish for you to pair with beer. And once again, you can simply not go wrong with cheese AND bacon. Crispy potato skins filled with bacon and cheddar cheese, just the right amount of hot and a sip of cool beer- are we in dreamland or what? This combination works great when you are involved in a game, say perhaps a round of cards with your buddies. 

Some of these combinations are indeed surprising, but this is nothing compared to the astonishment you will feel once you actually try them out. Let us know which one tickled your taste buds just right! 

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