Elizabeth Hashagen and Anne Caminiti show you fun ways to decorate your Easter Eggs.

We are thinking outside of “the box” for Easter Egg Decorating Fun!

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Egg Coloring with Science!

When you combine Baking Soda + Food Dye + Vinegar the egg coloring result is not only fun but, beautiful too!

Science takes over this egg dyeing technique! Now, this is an exciting way to dye your eggs with some BUBBLING and FIZZING Fun!

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Bubble Fun- Summer Fun with News 12 LI

We all love bubbles whether you are one years old or one hundred years old.

They are beautiful, magical and so much fun. Elizabeth Hashagen and Anne Caminiti show you there are lots of ways to have fun with bubbles this summer.

news 12 summer IMG_9868

What’s that, you don’t have bubbles at your house? No problem! We have a make your own bubbles recipe that uses three simple ingredients.

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Water Experiments

Today we did some water fun experiments. Mia and I loved seeing what happened after each experiment.


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Snowman Cupcakes

I love baking for the holiday season. We went to a holiday party and I made these snowmen cupcakes.


Use any Vanilla Cupcake recipe you like to use. I use the recipe from Cooks.com —> click here to view

To decorate using the other colors I used my favorite thing to decorate cupcakes and cookies with  and that is the Wilton Sparkle Gels —-> click here to buy


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