Red White and Blue Rice Krispies Treats

Need a festive dessert for the 4th?

Make a yummy and easy dessert that is always a crowd pleaser.

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I used the ingredients that you always use to make Rice Krispies Treats.

Only I separated three bowls of 2 cups each of Rice Krispies cereal ( the recipe calls for 6 cups) so I could make red and blue Rice Krispies with my food coloring

and I left one bowl of rice krispies plan for my white. I also divided the melted butter/ marshmallow mix too to each bowl

Get the recipe here—> Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

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I then used my Perfect Brownie Pan from Pampered Chef and made my red, white and blue Rice Krispies Treats 

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Serve at your party and enjoy!

Happy 4th of July : )

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