Elizabeth Hashagen and Anne Caminiti show you fun ways to decorate your Easter Eggs.

We are thinking outside of “the box” for Easter Egg Decorating Fun!

1. Dye your Eggs Naturally

Using vegetables and spices you can create beautiful natural dye eggs. This method requires an adult boiling in water to create the dye. The kids can help once the natural dye is made. The hard-boiled egg will sit in a cup for at least 2 hours to get a bright and vibrant color. The Tumeric yellow/ gold color happens quickly, just 10 minutes for that color.

Read the step by step directions: HERE


2. Cool Whip and Food Dye

This is great method for Toddlers and any kids who love to get their hands messy. Be aware food dye/ coloring can color your hands so just be aware that your kids hands may be very colorful if you don’t use gloves or tongs when coloring your eggs this way.

All you need to do is fill a container or bowl with cool whip and your food dye and mix well. Place your hard-boiled egg in the container gently and cover with colored cool whip completely. Place in an egg container overnight in the fridge for about 12 hours. Use a paper towel to wipe clean and you will have beautiful marbled colored eggs.

Full Directions: HERE



3. Baking Soda + Food Dye+ Vinegar Egg Coloring

Science takes over this egg dyeing technique! Now, this is an exciting way to dye your eggs with some BUBBLING and FIZZING Fun!

Fill the bottom of your container with baking soda and mix some food coloring into the baking soda. Place your hard-boiled egg gently into the bottom of the container and add vinegar SLOWLY. See what happens…  and within a minute your egg will be covered in color. Set the egg aside in an egg carton to dry. You might want to have a lot of eggs already hard boiled because your kids are going to want to do this over and over, again. The result is different every time. The eggs look beautiful don’t they?

Read step by step directions: HERE






Check out the News 12 Long Island Link —-> HERE

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