Bubble Fun- Summer Fun with News 12 LI

We all love bubbles whether you are one years old or one hundred years old.

They are beautiful, magical and so much fun. Elizabeth Hashagen and Anne Caminiti show you there are lots of ways to have fun with bubbles this summer.

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What’s that, you don’t have bubbles at your house? No problem! We have a make your own bubbles recipe that uses three simple ingredients.


At my house we always lose the plastic bubble wands and I always look for an excuse to craft. So, I searched Pinterest and saw this great idea of turning your pipe cleaners into bubble wands. I was so excited to see that the pipe cleaner worked as a bubble wand. Form the pipe cleaner into a circle or heart shape and add beads to make these beautiful bubble wands.

bubble wands

Water Bottle Bubbles

 Blow giant bubbles by using a water bottle cut in half or make a toddler friendly bubble blower that creates lots of lots of bubbles when you rubber band a sock to the bottom of a water bottle.

bubble bottle bubble todler bottle

See how great these worked on our News 12 Long Island segement:

Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting is so much fun when you add food coloring or water color paint discs to your favorite bubble solution.

Use watercolor painting paper when you making your bubble paintings. The water color discs do work but the paintings do not come out as bright as putting the food coloring inside the bubble solution. Just be careful that the food coloring bubbles are not blown on a surface that you may not want to have a stained color possibly occur. Whenever you use food coloring there is a possibility of staining.

Pin this idea: here

Using just two ingredients, this super fun bubble blower painting will have your kids spellbound! Great Spring and Summer activity for kids:

bubble wands paint

We hope you have Bubbles and Bubbles of Fun the rest of your LI Summer!

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