Summer Series of Seaport Walking Tours

South Street Seaport Museum announces

Summer Series of Seaport Walking Tours

The South Street Seaport Museum announces this summer’s Seaport Walking Tours, illuminating the hidden, forgotten, and overlooked histories of New York’s original seaport.

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Cradle of Aviation

Have you ever been to the Cradle of Aviation in Garden City?

It is one of Long Island’s amazing museums and has some great interactive exhibits for the entire family to enjoy.

cradle of avitaion

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Sagtikos Manor

Written by: Selene Castrovilla

George Washington Slept Here!


Did you know that George Washington slept on Long Island?

As a matter of fact, he slept in lots of homes on Long Island. That’s because when he was elected President, he took a tour of Long Island to thank its residents for their help in the Revolutionary War.

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Long Island’s Natural History Museum

You probably know about the Museum of Natural History in New York City. Maybe you’ve been there.

But did you know there’s a “natural history” museum right here on Long Island?


Okay, it doesn’t have all the things you’ll find in Manhattan. But it does have an amazing ocean exhibit. Even better that the Museum of Natural History, which has a fake whale hanging from the ceiling, this place has a real 32-foot whale shark! It’s the world’s largest taxidermied (stuffed and preserved) fish! And it was caught nearby, off Fire Island, in 1935.

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Historic Haunts of Long Island

Long Island’s haunted past comes to life in the book, Historic Haunts of Long Island: Ghosts and Legends from the Gold Coast to Montauk Point, by award-winning author, Kerriann Flanagan Brosky. Long Island is definitely a hotbed for ghostly tales and urban legends.

historic li

Here’s a list of some of the eeriest sites to see:

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Revolutionary Friends by Selene Castrovilla

It’s President’s Day and what better way to celebrate then to read a book written by a Long Island children’s author about one of our founding fathers.

Selene Castrovilla has a passion for history and loves George Washington. This book is a great read for children, teens and adults.

“Any child can use the book Revolutionary Friends as a resource in writing an essay. The story is fact and would be a great reliable resource to assist in their writing.”- Selene Castrovilla


“In the story Revolutionary Friends I talk about the relationship between George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette during the Revolutionary War. Lafayette was from France and when he as 2 years old his father died fighting the war in Germany. Lafayette came from a family of money and when he was 19 years old he decided to move with a cause to America; he wanted to be glorious. Even though the King of France said no, Lafayette built a boat and got a crew and sailed for America to help them during the Revolutionary War. When he arrived to America he stopped in Philadelphia ( where they did not want him at first). Lafayette met with Washington right when the British were about to attack and he instantly thought of him as a son. Washington was not very kind to people and did not form relationships very quickly with people. The only other person he liked as much as Lafayette was Benedict Arnold ( which we know from the history books ends up becoming a traitor). The book continues with a heartwarming story of Washington and Lafayette’s relationship during a significant part of U.S. History the Revolutionary War.”

You can purchase Revolutionary Friends—>  click here

Read more about the author and other books she has written —-> Author Spotlight- Selene Castrovilla

This book is a Momee Friends of Long Island favorite and I highly recommend reading this book!

Author Spotlight- Selene Castrovilla

Award Winning Long Island Teen & Children’s Author Selene Castrovilla. She is a local Momee of two teenage sons: Michael (19 years old) and Casey (14 years old).

mommyblog2 literacy luau 08310722_177543704497_792593_n

I got the joy of meeting Selene at the Connetquot Literacy Luau in May. She was one of the Long Island authors I met amongst many that I really enjoyed speaking with. I knew I needed to find out more about her, so I decided to spotlight her and share the information I learned about her with all of you.

 What would you say is your passion and your reason  for writing?

Selene: “My reason for being is writing and sharing words with the world. My passion is history and the humanity in it. “

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

Selene: “The minute I picked up a pencil I knew how to use it. However it was not till I had my kids and I was in my 30s did I become a writer.”

Tell me about the book Revolutionary Friends (which is your latest book)?

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