Sagtikos Manor

Written by: Selene Castrovilla

George Washington Slept Here!


Did you know that George Washington slept on Long Island?

As a matter of fact, he slept in lots of homes on Long Island. That’s because when he was elected President, he took a tour of Long Island to thank its residents for their help in the Revolutionary War.

That’s right, in case you didn’t know: Long Island was important to George Washington because he had spies working here to get information about the British! Washington did not have enough men to out-fight the British, so he had to out-spy them.

Throughout the year I will be telling you facts about the Culper Spy Ring, the ordinary citizens on Long Island who risked being caught and hanged in order to win freedom. They are the unsung heroes of the American Revolution, and they were right here on Long Island!

Many of the homes where George Washington slept during his tour in 1790 have been destroyed, but at least one place still stands – and you can visit it!

It is the Sagtikos Manor, in Bay Shore. Built in 1697, this magnificent home actually served as British Headquarters briefly during the revolution. Maybe that’s why Washington chose to stay here during his tour in 1790 – to have the last laugh, or – the last rest.

Take a tour of the Sagkitos Manor during this holiday season, and see where George Washington slept right on your very own island!

Here’s their website: click here



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