How to Teach Your Kids About Labor Day

Did you know that Labor Day is a perfect opportunity to teach your kids in your class about the history of your country? Not only would you be able to teach them something about the history of the country, but you can teach them about workers rights, child labour, labour unions and more.You can watch videos on the history and the meaning of Labor Day, and then you can try some fun and themed activities.

Labor Day for kids doesn’t have to be boring! That’s the best part about teaching your kids about Labor Day. It doesn’t have to be boring at all, because you can keep them engaged and interested in the content of the lesson without making them cry. With that in mind, let’s take a look at all of the ways that you can teach your kids in your class or at home about Labor Day.

  • Start by making career books. Writing and illustrating books about possible future jobs can be fun for kids. If you want to give them some inspiration you can ask them to do their career book. Start by talking about their parents careers and their family members careers. You can support students with sentence framing if necessary, but ask them what they would like to be when they’re grown up and they can make career books out of that.
  • Make career colleges. You can have the students in your class use materials and construction paper to make collages of pictures from a career that they’re interested in. These can then be hung around your classroom and labeled as such as students can participate in gallery walks to see everybody’s work. Make sure that these are equipped with sticky notes so that they can leave feedback and questions for their peers and make it a discussion point later on.
  • Put together a labor history timeline. The history of your state may be very interesting and you can teach it to the kids. While you are talking about Labour Day, you can challenge the kids to create a timeline of important events specific to your town or your state, and you can either do it on paper or a virtual option. There are plenty of web-based platforms out there that offer up to 100 student and teacher. Created timelines and you don’t even have to pay for an account.
  • Research a key figure in labor history. One of the most fun things that you can do on Labor Day when it comes to learning all about it is to choose a historical figure and create a presentation about them. it’s a great way to get your kids learning about where Labor Day started and who it pertains to we’re talking about workers of all kinds here and they should be celebrated on Labor Day understanding the meaning behind Labor Day is just as important and all of the children can be involved in the presentation¬†

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