ONE FUNNY MOTHER – a great show for a Mom’s Night Out!

This hilarious production is located at the New World Stages in the heart of Broadway.

Have you ever gone un-showered for days, fought with your husband over who works harder, had a kid pee on you?  Dena Blizzard’s hilarious new show One Funny Mother will make you realize you’re not crazy…motherhood is!

Dena Blizzard, former Miss New Jersey

Dena Blizzard, former Miss New Jersey

The perfect Girls Night Out or Date Night for anyone who IS a mom, HAS a mom or is MARRIED to a mom!


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Author Spotlight: Sima Levy

Get to know a local Long Island Momee who is an influential children’s author with a wonderful Meet the Artist Book Series. 


I instantly became a fan of the Artist Book Series for children. A Mother’s Art World is an amazing way for children to fall in love with art and art history.  The goal is to teach children how to “speak art”. 

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Super Mom Workout App

I am hooked and feel so good doing these workouts that incorporate my everyday routine.

We are all super moms aren’t we?

Now lets get to exercising while we do our daily busy Momee routines too : )


So worth the 99 cents for the app

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Push Presents

I received an email from an 8 1/2 month pregnant local Momee Friend…

She saw a show related to Push Presents that celebrity dads give the celebrity moms. Now these gifts are very extravagant and gorgeous.

I saw this on the internet when Beyoncé had Blue Ivy… Beyonce’s New $35,000 Blue Ring: Is It A ‘Push’ Present For Having Baby Blue Ivy? and it was : )

But she was wondering if her husband should buy her a push present.

Is a Push Present expected? What did other Momee Friends get as their push presents?