Super Mom Workout App

I am hooked and feel so good doing these workouts that incorporate my everyday routine.

We are all super moms aren’t we?

Now lets get to exercising while we do our daily busy Momee routines too : )


So worth the 99 cents for the app

Any type of exercise we can include in our busy mom schedules is worth it

SUPER MOM WORKOUT designed by a stay at home Momee and her name is Brandy Yearous ( who has a background in Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy)

I love the app… there are numerous videos showing up how to include a few minutes into our daily lives from brushing our teeth to doing the laundry to even rocking our kids to sleep.

I love this app as you can tell and I think you will too.

“The Super Mom Workout is an app for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch designed for women who:

Have no time in their busy day to get to the gym.

Need to lose those last 5-10 pounds.

Multi-task balancing children, home, and work.

Cannot afford the rising cost of gym memberships in addition to gym daycare.

The Super Mom Workout is also for postpartum mothers looking to “firm up” to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. It is for the mom who wants to work out and get fit, but puts everyone else’s needs ahead of her own.”

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