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I received an email from an 8 1/2 month pregnant local Momee Friend…

She saw a show related to Push Presents that celebrity dads give the celebrity moms. Now these gifts are very extravagant and gorgeous.

I saw this on the internet when Beyoncé had Blue Ivy… Beyonce’s New $35,000 Blue Ring: Is It A ‘Push’ Present For Having Baby Blue Ivy? and it was : )

But she was wondering if her husband should buy her a push present.

Is a Push Present expected? What did other Momee Friends get as their push presents?

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9 thoughts on “Push Presents

  1. I didn’t get diddly squat !!! Lol I think it’s a fabulous idea. Not really for pushing per say but if your husband were to get you a lil something just to say ” I love you , you are amazing for giving this new life to me ” .. that would be pretty dang cool !

    1. Lol… Mike got me a bottle of wine and one of those cute wine glasses with all sayings on them for a new mommy. It was perfect! : ) I need it more now at this terrible two stage then I did then. It is cool but I think sometimes people who sell stuff come up with these concepts and then when you are the one not getting the gift you Feel left out. So it’s another gift added to the list of others your husband should buy lol

  2. I got the iPad so we could video and take pictures! Now she uses it for games and movies and books!!

  3. Lol push present? Yea right I wish,never heard of this idea,they come up with different stuff every day sheesh,must be nice…

  4. Jesse got a push present the day after Julianne was born and surprised me with it the day we got home from the hospital. He got me white gold diamomd hoops. As for Peyton, I’m still waiting for my push present grrr.

  5. Never got a push present. If the gift gets pricier the more u push, I should have gotten a doozy! Lol. My son was a great gift. Now if they come up with mommy has to handle 19 month old kid tantrum gifts, I need to sign up. Maybe a no kids or husband spa day with the girls? Hahaha

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