Author Spotlight: Sima Levy

Get to know a local Long Island Momee who is an influential children’s author with a wonderful Meet the Artist Book Series. 


I instantly became a fan of the Artist Book Series for children. A Mother’s Art World is an amazing way for children to fall in love with art and art history.  The goal is to teach children how to “speak art”. 

Sima describes herself as a creator, but a mother first. She believes that we teach our children, yet learn so much from them by observing, listening, and dreaming. Her children all have contributed to A Mother’s Art World in different ways.


Sima is pictured above with her husband Jason and her three children Paris, Logan and Jordan.

There are 3 books in the series available for purchase.

sima1 A Day With Degas– “the book’s reader learns the importance of drawing, erasing and redrawing from Degas while using imagination to improve his or her art.”

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sima8 A Rendezvous with Renoir -“follows the adventures of a young painter in Ms. Simone’s art class, named Mary. She and her friend, Manet, are studying the life and work of the famous impressionist painter, Pierre-August Renoir.”

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sima2 A Visit with Van Gogh -“features our newest character, Mays who is an artist and poet in Ms. Simone’s art class.  While learning about post-impressionist artist, Vincent van Gogh, Mays begins to feel he has a lot in common with the artist.”

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 Now let’s get to know Sima Levy…

1. Growing up who was your favorite artist (before you started studying art history)?
“I absolutely love surrealism art, especially Dali. I find him comical yet serious inside. Mine was and remains Monet.  As a child I loved his approach to art, and would escape to his beautiful garden in Giverny. I’m not the greatest artist, but the first painting I had created was The Bridge Over the Waterlilies. The second was Michael Jackson.  Voila my two favorite artists.”
2. What was your inspiration for writing your first book and what made you choose that particular artist?

“I write the way I teach. I teach in a non-intimidating fashion, and am often praised for the approach. Art/art history is becoming scarce in many schools, yet students achieve more academically, and in standardized tests; when receiving an art education. I wrote all of my books for kids and adults in mind.  Keeping the flow easy, fun, magical and informative.  I chose to write about Edgar Degas first, because my daughter Paris is a competitive dancer, and Degas painted /sculpted ballerinas. He painted them to capture many of the different lines, they offer in their movements. Paris and I have viewed many of Degas artworks at the d’Orsay (Paris) last summer. It was fascinating for me to watch my little girl observing his masterpieces.  She related to Degas the most, and enhanced my desire to write about him first.” 

3. Your three children and your husband help you come up with ideas for the books. What type of art would you say each child likes most (whether it be art, music, or dance)?
Jordan who is 14 years old likes Greek sculptures and loves to play guitar and he enjoys rap.  Yes rapping is a form of art, and I believe it’s poetry.  I’ve written a couple of art history rap songs, and my kids had a blast performing with their music teacher.
Logan who is 12 years old like to paint, sing and rap. His favorite artist is Van Gogh.
Paris who is 9 years old enjoys impressionism,especially Degas and Monet. She is a competitive dancer and singer.
4. Did your love for art start when you lived in Israel as a young child or when you came to America when you were 8 years old? 
Art comes in many forms and shapes.  In Israel, my mom would always macrame different portraits, and landscapes.  My brothers and I were thrilled when she had completed a piece, beautifully framed it, and hung it up on the wall.  My art teacher at high school exposed us to many different artists, and art works.
5. Where do you currently teach? And what is it that you teach?
“I run an art appreciation program at Cohen’s called: MAW-Mothers Art World. Each lesson, I honor a different artist . I enjoy discussing the artist’s life, genre, style, and analyze a couple of his paintings together with the students. The kids learn to look/analyze the element of art- Light, space, shape, line, color and texture. I’m amazed at how they are able to find all of the elements with my clues.
I train parents at Schechter Day School, to volunteer teach art history.  the program is called Learning To Look. This year we focus on 18th and 19th century art/sculpture.”
6. Is their another book set to come out soon? And can you let us know what artist will be the focus?

“They are two more books coming soon:  A Moment With Monet, and A Sunny Sunday With Seurat.”


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